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New job

August 14, 2014 in Baby 38 Cheesed

Junya turned 2 months! Which also means i have assumed the job as a mom for two months now. A job that you can never resign from until the day you die, no matter how the job sucks. Although my employer doesn’t pay me a single cent, and would spit on me occasionally all the damn time, i […]

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August 11, 2014 in Commercial Break 3 Cheesed

Coordinate post! Some readers asked me if i could post more of working wear coordinates, since i work from home and most of the time i wear really casual. It looks like career women has the most headache when it comes to daily outfits! Today all the outfits are from Dressabelle, an online boutique that […]

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Playing Game, Be Back Soon

August 9, 2014 in Cheese-offs 24 Cheesed

This is not a pretty post, but a pretty upset post. Today the danna took a day off his super busy schedule so that we could go buy some baby products we needed. We wanted to get something from Combi so we went to Mid Valley. We always wanted to try out Combi because it is […]

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With love from Japan

August 7, 2014 in Baby 30 Cheesed

The danna had to go back to Japan for work for two weeks, and this time i couldn’t follow because i think Junya is still too young to handle a mid-summer trip in Japan T_____T So this was the longest we were apart ever since we got married. My mom came to stay with me while […]

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Pocket Wifi for Japan trip

August 6, 2014 in Commercial Break 9 Cheesed

The 101th most asked question that is not listed in my 100 Ultimate FAQ about Japan, is: How do i get internet while traveling in Japan? I think i answered many times, but i’m gonna answer once and for all in this post!   A few years ago if you travel to Japan, usually your […]

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Hanami date with izu ♡

It was late March in Tokyo. It was still early but the main sakura trees in Yoyogi park started to bloom. About two weeks before that i was with RinRin for Kawazuzakura hanami date. Then a few days later, i was also in Yoyogi for a full bloom date with Number76 Tokyo team. Then a […]

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