Hi. This is the entire kitchen of our apartment in Tokyo.

Actually this is considered quite luxurious already! At least there’s a place to place wine glasses! XD

Our apartment in KL is much bigger, but the kitchen is just as messy if not worse! The thing is that everything is ultra convenient in Japan, things are smaller but do twice the job. There’s no water filter needed as you can drink from the tap.

But for every design, every asset, every kitchen masterpiece, it is truly important to maximize the space and minimize clutter. Which is why i was in love when I was introduced to 3M Drinking Water System. It sits cleverly beneath the sink, giving me ample space to play around on my countertop.

I have another water filter installed in the pantry area but i needed one more for the wet kitchen!

Just look at how sleek it is! It’s almost like it’s originally integrated with the kitchen sink! It takes up practically zero space.

And the blue LED light indicator on the faucet indicates that it’s safe to drink! When the LED light indicator turns RED and the audio alarm goes off, it’s reminding me that the cartridges need to be changed!

Here’s it hiding quietly inside the kitchen cabinet together with the pots and pans.

Pretty compact!

It effectively reduce up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants and bacteria that may enter the water stream from piping and other sources. At the same time it will also remove foul chlorine tastes and odours, for cleaner, clearer and better tasting water for the family wellbeing.

Maintenance of the water filter is also a breeze because the system monitors water usage and provides both visual indication and an audio alarm when it is time to change the cartridge.

As for changing cartridges, the Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) function can be completed in less than 10 seconds, without causing a mess.

It is also certified by NSF after passing rigorous testing standards of the reputable source.

The flow is pretty great and stable too! Awesome for me to make a big pot of soup!


I have read some inspiring stories about the 3M company, and i trust its long and strong history to provide high quality drinking water. This is the beauty of 3M Science, applied to life:

    • The Science:
      75 years of filtration experience, creating advanced water purification technology
    • Applying to Life:
      Convenience (able to drink straight from the faucet)
      Clutter-free (sits nicely beneath the sink)
      Compact & stylish


I’m really glad that i have a new filter to make sure every single drop is now even safer for the family.

The retail price is RM2755 including GST, anddddd of course there are promotion!!


Print this voucher out to enjoy up to RM300 discount!

For more info, you can visit www.3m.com.my/water!