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Pantene 3 minute miracle

October 19, 2015 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

My hair could be under a lot of stress with all the traveling and exposure to all kinds of different climates. Usually back in Malaysia i will just pop by the salon and get a serious intensive fix for my hair monthly, but when i’m traveling i hardly have the time (and luxury!) to do […]

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Ettang Cup Mask

October 17, 2015 in Commercial Break 1 Person Cheesed

Today i’m introducing another beauty product which comes in pretty colors and fancy ingredients! They are Ettang Cup Masks, also called the modelling take-out cup pack. They look like this! A total of 8 different recipes! When i brought it home the danna kept them inside the kitchen cabinet because he thought it was food! […]

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Alice Nine in Malaysia!

October 15, 2015 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

One of my wishes in this life was to go to a concert of my favorite Japanese singers. (Another life wish was to meet my music God and tell him how much i love his music. I did.) And then i was given this chance to fulfil my dream by the same kind friend who […]

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SK-II R.N.A Power

October 12, 2015 in Commercial Break 1 Person Cheesed

In my previous blog post about SK-II, i talked about how my skin condition is better than when i was younger. I kept thinking that once you go past your early twenties your skin will just go down down down down down. It’s been many many years after those “early twenty” years, but i am […]

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16 months

October 11, 2015 in Baby 10 Cheesed

Hello! Junya turns 16 month today! (Also read  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month,  8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month and 15th month here.)   We have spent almost a whole month in Japan now. And this time around it’s been a very different experience. I felt like my baby has grown like a […]

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Velvet Smooth Feet

When you travel for 3 weeks and walk a loooong way everyday, foot care is a must although it may not show up in your to-pack list. That is especially when you travel to Japan, where pedi care is no less important than skin care! If you go to Don Quijote in Japan, you can […]

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