So. I feel like once you become a mother, traveling is like a playing a warlord game, where you have to clear each stage and advance to the next level and sometimes you die (and then undie) in between, with the enemies coming at you all. The. Damn. Time. And random traps wherever you go.

Level 1

Game started when I travelled to Japan in Spring 2014, while I was 7 month pregnant. I could enjoy it like how I did before pregnancy, except that I also had to watch my diet, take enough rest, fuss over my wardrobe and bring extra suit case for all the baby shopping. It was like a trial game to practice for the real deal.

Level 2

And then the baby arrived. We traveled back to Japan when Junya was 6 month old, in Winter 2014. The real game started.

Suddenly you have to load yourself with shitloads of heavy ammo (strollers, diapers, extra baby clothes, bottles) and brave a war (getting on to the train with wailing baby, bouncing your baby in a carrier while lugging a stroller down the stairs with 5 bags of shopping and groceries, panicking about exploded diapers in the middle of nowhere…). You also have to familiarize yourself with all the emergency exits, secret vault to replenish your ammunition and ration and seeking hideouts for a rest (locating the goddamn elevators, finding the mysterious places that actually sell diapers, and searching for baby nursery with a wet baby and pants)… And then suddenly you don’t get to shop for things for yourself anymore because 90% of your luggage space are filled with your baby’s stuff.

Well luckily your baby sleeps all the time so you actually get to sneak out for a quick leisure or two while he is snoozing on your chest inside the carrier.

Level 3

Summer, 2015. All hell breaks lose. Now your own house is a warzone because your baby/toddler can now walk and have fingers so deft all you do is closing the drawers, cabinets, wardrobe and putting back and rearranging things that he flipped and dug out from random places. Oh, watch out for the knives and suicide bombers that will suddenly drop from the ceiling.

Level 4

Autumn 2015. Traveling with a toddler AND being (3 months) pregnant is a whole new level unlocked. You are beat-up and forever nauseous with an exploding chest and you still have to carry your toddler who now refuse to walk. You wish you look more pregnant so people will help and give seats to you. Also, you are unable to cook anymore and can only resort to instant baby food which all smells like puke to your raging hormones. And you gag at diaper change every. Single. Time. And probably develop assorted life time food phobias. Also you have to keep recycling a grand total of 3 sets of clothes you bring for your travel.

Level 5

Spring, 2016. Today. One and a half babies. Two weeks in Japan.

You asked for it. (I did). Nobody asked me to travel with a toddler while being almost 8 months pregnant.

JunJun’s last bassinet usage. The next time we travel we’ll have to buy him a seat already.

And he’s getting way too long for the bassinet, the whole flight he was really restless so papa ended up having to carry him to sleep for many hours to the point he couldn’t feel his arms anymore. Seriously. How do parents survive flights with young toddlers?? (Babies are fine cuz they can’t move much and sleep all the time).

Once landed, demanded to be a piece of luggage.

Anpanman Juice for toddlers.


I am soooooo glad we are in Japan though. All the convenience. All the onigiri!!!! We probably wouldn’t survive if we have gone to any other country.

Checked in to a different room of the apartment we usually stay in. And CHECK OUT THE VIEW!!!!

Destroyer at work.

My genius idea!!! To connect the couch to the bed so it becomes JunJun’s bed and he won’t fall off. Now I am considering doing this to the bed in our house lol.

Junya insists that he will be the one cooking.


It is almost impossible to head out anywhere alone with Junya (The danna has full-day work on most days). I am so huge now even bending down to tie my shoelace or making normal movements is a war itself, there’s no way I could chase a toddler who refuse the stroller and hand-holding down the Shibuya crossing. And there’s no way you can strap a toddler on top of your huge belly. Also, there’s no such thing as fashion anymore.

Going to the toilet (which you will make very, very often, at 8 months pregnant) is a huge battle.

I found new respect and love for clean Japanese toilets which is super well equipped. Imagine if there isn’t a baby seat and toilet is wet and dirty T_______T.

Also, apparently the only helper Japanese moms can ever get is this:


Surviving a 3-hour yakiniku dinner until 12am last night.

And on a very very rare and lucky day, you get to look human for once.

The war goes on. Every single minute. I raised my white flag but my enemies are still shooting bullets all over me non stop lol. My energy bar is non existent lol.

Every day by 9am I already feel like I have just come back wounded beyond repair from a bloodbath. I am amazed by the sheer fact that I am still alive typing this (while my little warlord is napping).

Thank god for toddler’s need to nap. I hear that some grow out of napping. I guess by that time I will quit gaming lol.

So yeap. Level 5, achievement unlocked.


Level 6

Autumn, 2016, hopefully? Or… not.

One toddler. One new born. On the go. I mean, can you even brain it???








Yes there are a lot of sacrifices to make and traveling will never be the same anymore. But That’s how it’s gonna be like for our family, at least for the next decade or so. Maybe we will travel less often than before, maybe we can’t do many things that we used to do when we didn’t have children before.

But we always love traveling, and having young kids now WILL NOT STOP US *cues “this is Spartaaaaaa” roar*. Okay maybe it will stop our wallet soon lolol but as much as we can, we want to go to a lot of places together as a family. The thought of separating with our kids while we go traveling alone is just unbearable.

This time around I mostly stayed home with Junya. The furthest place I can manage to go alone without help is the combini downstairs lolol.

And surprisingly, I am really, really enjoying the time with the one and a half babies. And realized how I have taken all these precious moments for granted. Just taking long, loooong bath together, rolling on the bed together, watching variety TV shows, not rushing to the next destinations or the next meeting.

And yesterday while lying in bed, I just felt incredibly amazed. In between me and the danna sleeps a Junya. I had my arms over him. And in between me and Junya there’s another baby. Who was nudging and kicking, probably her brother.

It is all super worth it.


So yea. Level 6, wait for me.