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24 months VS 1 month

June 11, 2016 in Baby 7 Cheesed

Junya turns 2 today! In last month’s update, I was writing that Junya was going to be a brother in a few days time. Actually he became a brother on that day itself. On the day Junya turned 23 months old, his sister was born. Which means as he turns two today, his sister is […]

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Benefit of awesome brows

Over the past few years, many eyebrow embroidery services approached for sponsorship but I turned all of them down because… Just like hair, brows are part of fashion, and there should be no permanent alteration done to it that stays for life. Even semi-permanent embroidery stays for years. But fashion changes all the time, and you won’t […]

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Hakone (Spring 2016)

Our last trip to Hakone before baby Sakura was born! As usual we rented a car and went on a road trip with our typical itinerary: Ebina rest area for breakfast, Hakone to thank the tree god, and Gotenba for shopping and sushi. Haha super predictable! First time trying the famous Ebina Melon Pan! Melon […]

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I have been staying home a lot since it is almost impossible for me to go out and run errands, except for sending Junya to school and picking him up. Thanks to internet shopping these days, there’s almost nothing you can’t buy from just a click away! Adding yet another to my bookmark, Shoppu is the […]

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