Sometimes I do think that being a parent is the toughest job in the world because in other professions, you at least know the exact thing you should or should not do, and focus on the end results based on statistics.

But nobody tells a parent what to do. Or worse, everybody is telling you what to do and what not to do in all sort of conflicting ways. And you can never be sure what you do is the best and there will never be an end result… because parenting is a never-ending job. You always wonder… am I doing it wrong?

But I like how Ruth Liew, a leading child development expert said, you are always doing it right. But it is exactly because parenting is never-ending, you always improve, and the one thing you can help your child with is to let them learn.

The #LetThemLearn Campaign by Wyeth Nutrition aims to educate parents the joy and beauty of letting children learn by themselves in becoming better-rounded, responsible and independent individuals. And you help your children in three areas of Multiple Intelligence – Body Smart, Brain Smart and People Smart.

I agree with the concept of giving my children the freedom to explore, make mistake and learn on their own. But sometimes it is also tough because I am sometimes not sure just how much I should let go and how much space I allow for Junya to make mistakes, and when and where should I draw the line?

For example he absolutely love to complete everyday tasks all on his own, from cutting his own nails (“dowan mama help!”) to frying his own sunny-side-up (I allow him to crack the eggs but he cannot touch the fry pan)…


Body Smart

Even though it took agesssssss and maybe like 5 tries for him to get the sides right, if I was not in an absolute rush I would let him put on his own shoes although it’s reeeeally tempting to just help him get it over and done with.

The hard patience paid off because, Junya now can wear his own shoes at ease (although only two familiar pairs), so less work for me when I have to sling a baby and preparing a million other things for an outing.

Although… now that wearing shoes sort of becomes his hobby, things like this happens:

Oh well. ^^

To boost Body Smart, wholesome nutrition is important to support physical growth in order to enhance toddler’s motor skills. Two glasses of S-26 Gold Progress/Promise daily would be a good source of calcium and protein!

Brain Smart

When you spend a good part of your salary buying a fancy toy-set for your child only to find out that he is more interested in the house broom… haha. Or when your child does not play the toys according to the instruction on the packaging… it’s tempting to tell your child the stickers are for the sticker book not the window haha. But I usually let Junya play the way he wants as long as I don’t have to replace the wall or buy a new house XD.

Recently he is into puzzles!!! Sometimes he’d get frustrated and go like “mama help, mama help!!!” but his happy smile after successfully solving a puzzle on his own is priceless. ^^

Other than fun games and activities which stimulate a child’s thinking and to help them learn more effectively, good support nutritionally is equally important for brain development. Be sure to include DHA, Choline and Lutein in your child’s diet!

People Smart

Junya is socially awkward just like me. He freezes up when there’s a big crowd of children especially when it comes to the playground and will end up hugging my leg and just watch afar.

I am still trying to ease him with younger children who doesn’t know their strength and watch out for other children who play rough.

Starting with one to one play date and just let him interact without forcing them be super good buddies.

Not only with other older kids, but with animals too! ^^

And also letting him assume the real role of a brother by getting him to show his little sister how to do stuff, and help his sister with little chores like fetching her a wet wipe or pulling the musical toy for her when the melody stops.

Letting a child to socialize early is important, but be sure to boost their immunity and get good nutritional support from foods & milk containing vitamins, pre & probiotics such as Oligofructose and Nucleotides which will help maintain good overall health!

And the #LetThemLearn journey continues.

If you too are a parent who believes in giving children the wings of independence while sowing the seeds of responsibility will catalyse growth, follow the #LetThemLearn parenting tips by Wyeth Nutrition on and their Facebook page !