Fairer skin under the sun with Nivea Extra White SPF30

November 15, 2016 in Commercial Break

I vehemently dislike doing anything that needs me to be under the hot sun for a long time since I was a little girl. Firstly because I don’t fancy the sticky wet feeling of sweat trapped in your clothes, secondly I am naturally quite tanned and I don’t want any further sun damage to my skin.

Buuuuut after having kids, I realized that I did have to change my rather indoor lifestyle, because after all I would like them to be in touch with nature, and have some fun in the sun. In fact I want them to grow up to love sports and be more active outdoors. I can’t be so selfish that just because I don’t enjoy it I deprive my family of the joy.

Plus the danna loves surfing to bits so… I have been going out a lot these days! ^^

To the zoos and insectariums, which requires you to walk a looooong time under the sun.


To the parks so Junya can fly kites and run in wide, open space to his heart’s content.

And of course, lots and lots of shopping and walking when we travel to Japan.


Next year Junya would be going to school, and we have plans to move to a place near his school so I can walk to send him to school every day. It’s quite a walk so I have accepted the fact that I will have to face the sun every single day from now on.

Parasols and hats are now my best friends! 😀 But somehow I still managed to get tanned even hiding under the umbrellas, and I don’t like the sticky feeling of using a sunscreen.

It’s really important to protect my skin daily from exposure to harmful UV rays, and product that really helps is NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion.

Ideally I would cover myself  in long sleeves and long pants, but that would make me look really silly under Malaysia and Singapore’s hot weather.

So for body parts that are exposed to the sun, give them abundant care for even skin tone!

This NIVEA Lotion comes with the highest SPF protection (SPF30) for protection, and is the highest SPF whitening lotion in the market.

Body lotion that has high SPF usually would have quite a heavy texture and leaves a sticky feel on your skin, and I thought… protection comes with a cost!

But when I pour NIVEA Extra White SPF30 on my palm, I could feel the texture resembling a nourishing body serum. It has a very refreshing scent that reminds me of a dewy morning in the garden!

Applying on the skin… It is so light and totally non-sticky.

You can massage it gently with circular motions all over your body before an outing. The spread is really well too, just a few light motions and your skin is all covered!

And the good thing is that it leaves none of those greyish white chalky tone to your skin (that makes you look like a zombie haha). Skin remains protected and moisturized!


Now I feel protected under the sun with NIVEA Extra White SPF30. It also comes with 50X Vitamin C to repair dull and uneven skin tone.

So if you are looking for an effective body whitening product with SPF for daily use just like me, this might be just right for you!

The retail price for the 100ml bottle is only RM10.80! 200ml is selling at RM18.90 and 350ml at RM25.30.

If you want to nourish and protect skin from harsh environment for fairer, radiant and brighter-looking skin, you can try another new lotion from NIVEA, the Nutri White Body Lotion that provides skin nutrients with its Nutri-White 10 Formula.

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3 responses to “Fairer skin under the sun with Nivea Extra White SPF30”

  1. JJ says:

    Hi, can I check with you, are you using 6+ in the first picture?

  2. Sue says:

    Actually there’s another Nivea product, Instant White Firming Body Serum that has a slightly higher SPF value at 33 but great post!

  3. TheCosmos says:

    Hello Cheesie!

    As much as you seem like a wonderful sponsor for a skin cosmetics company, I have some knowledge to share. I don’t recommend Nivea brand to those with sensitive skin or people who are very health conscious. Their lotions contain unnatural chemical compounds and the company has been known to use Methylisothiazolinone, which has caused skin allergies and BANNED in some countries. Coconut oil is just as good for skin moisturization and there are natural companies for sunscreen.

    While I understand that we are surrounded by the convenience of chemicals and it is nearly impossible to avoid unnatural substances, I hope that at least people will stay away from a hazard that they might be unknowingly rubbing on their bodies daily…

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