A month ago I wrote a post on #LetThemLearn, a campaign initiated by Wyeth Nutrition to encourage parents to give their children room and freedom for self-learning, and help them grow into well-rounded, responsible and independent individuals in three areas of Multiple Intelligence – Body Smart, Brain Smart and People Smart.

For a month or so, I tried letting Junya explore most things on his own without the urge to restrain or correct him (within safety measure of course!), and here are the updates:

Body Smart

Now that he can wear his own shoes like a pro, we are moving on to pants, clothes, and brushing teeth.

Instead of bribing him with anime videos so he would open his mouth to let me brush his teeth, I let him squeeze his own toothpaste and decide the kind of flavor he wants for the day (we have 8 different flavors in the house. true story.), and he would brush his own teeth. Of course he doesn’t do it perfectly so once he is done I’ll takeover and do a proper round for him.

Of course there are also other things that he is currently super passionate about, for example… opening the house door.

He insists to be the one to open the door, I guess many children in his age goes through this phase, all my mama-friends could well relate and agree. haha.

As he isn’t tall enough now to reach the key hole, he would demand to be carried so he could unlock the door. When I refused to, he actually improvised and pulled the stroller over, stepped on the foot-bar so he could just reach higher. Quite… resourceful I’d say XD.

He is still having a hard time controlling his little fingers so at time I feel really ‘geram’ (frustrated) which made want to help him, especially when we return home from  grocery shopping, where I will be carrying frozen goods… or holding a full bladder waiting for him to open the door. Imagine that! lol.

I’d be sure to help improve his motor skills with lots of wholesome nutrition such as calcium and protein, where Junya could get them from  two glasses of S-26® Gold Progress daily – would be a good source!


Brain Smart

He’s moving on from 20 pieces to 75 pieces now! And all by himself. Sometimes when I have spare time, I will whisk out a more challenging set and sit down to solve with him together. But when I don’t, he would gladly play with his favorite puzzle sets over and over again.

For that extra boost for brain development, don’t forget nourishing your child’s diet packed with DHA, Choline and Lutein!


People Smart

The biggest difference I see in Junya is his social skills with people around him. Though he may be more reserved compared to other children his age, he is now more at ease when joining a group of friends during playtime together.

He is now having lots of fun with his friends Yuna and Tidus!

I actually gave him an impromptu challenge to stay over at his fav godmom’s place, since she is probably the person he trusts the most outside of our family.

Carolyn (Junya’s godmom) sent me lots of pictures to report lol. On a new bed, he was looking a little upset haha.

But the next day, he woke up happy and even followed her to work!! XD

Taking the MRT in Singapore for the first time.

Strengthen your children’s immunity and get good nutritional support from foods & milk containing vitamins, pre & probiotics such as Oligofructose and Nucleotides. Junya is getting a good fix prepared with love by his godmom.

Join the #LetThemLearn movement together to see our children grow into strong, independent individuals. You can also get lots of parenting tips by Wyeth Nutrition on www.wyethnutrition.com.my and their Facebook page !