Soft Snug Hot Slimming Pants has got an upgrade!

The newly improved hot slimming pants is called Mint Air, which fabric quality is much softer, has greater elasticity, and is more durable compared to the previous version called Mint Plus.

If you haven’t heard of hot slimming pants, Soft Snug is designed to help increase your core temperature when you’re moving about, causing a thermogenic sauna effect on your body to promote more effective targeted fat burning.

I am wearing Soft Snug Mint Air, and it fits a lot better with less creases around the thigh area and also easier to pull up due to its flexibility.

A special fabric called “air fabric” is attached within the inner side of the pants to help dissipate heat within the pants, for better air ventilation as one sweats.

The new version also comes with a waist band where you can adjust the size of the waist as you slim down so you don’t have to buy a new size. That’s a pretty thoughtful add-on!

Doing yoga together with Sakura haha. She is so so so flexible!

Other than the classic hot slimming pants Mint Air 9, Soft Snug also offers other ranges of fitness wear, including Back and Shoulder Corrector, and waist slimmer belt.

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