I often get asked by curious friends and other parents what kind of schooling choice I have made for my kids – is it in Malaysia? Singapore? Japan? Is it a local government school? Private school? The Japanese school? International school? Home school?!?


We don’t know yet,” I usually reply.

Conversations like this with other parents who has already had concrete life goals for their kids sometimes make me nervous because I am so totally un-tiger when it comes to momming, in fact I’m more like a hamster mom lol.

I don’t know, I guess I’m taking it a little too easy. I didn’t hate my school life but I didn’t enjoy it much either, in fact I don’t really have any plans for them, right now I just want my kids to enjoy their childhood as much as they could.

(Every day just play also can.)

Junya is now going to a nursery near our house, whereas Sakura is still chilling at home when niinii goes to school, and occasionally plays at her brother’s school. I am totally in no rush.

Education is one of every parent’s biggest life topics to ponder over (and over two long decades!!) My main concern is language skills for the kids. Being a multicultural family I’d like them to learn as many languages as possible. English of course, Japanese, Chinese and Malay too. Just like me. Haha.

However I do feel lucky that we are able to weigh our options. We can always try out new schools when we move to a new country, or student exchange just to get an experience of a different culture.

Not everyone is fortunate to be given a choice to even go to school. I recently found out that many children in rural Malaysia are not even receiving proper schooling throughout their childhood. Our family is truly blessed to be able to even consider this many options when it comes to education.

In hope to make a change and create a better future for the children in Malaysia, here comes JomStudi.

JomStudi is a new initiative effort by 3 big names – Astro, Digi and Media Prima in Malaysia and supported by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), aiming to provide quality digital educational content to be made accessible to all students especially those in the underserved areas.

Our new generation’s learning landscape is changing – think nowadays it is compulsory for some schools to have their students bring a tablet for learning! Where during our time (my time at least haha) I had to hide my Motorola handphone in case it gets confiscated by the prefect.

The internet has become the go-to tool for students to get information these days, and JomStudi is leveraging this new habit for better benefits for students – giving access to everyone and making digital learning simple and affordable. Through JomStudi, Malaysian kids will now have access to a broad spectrum of e-learning topics, from language to cyber knowledge to even robotics!

I can see how powerful digital learning has become. I don’t speak to my kids much in Japanese but they are able to understand and speak pretty good Japanese – mostly from their favorite TV shows – Shimajiro and Anpanman! So I am positive that JomStudi can benefit and help many children who need it!

The best thing?

Since JomStudi is for a good cause, registration is free and subscription to contents such as Full A Mark Packages are priced at an extremely low price, starting from only RM20 a month! Students who can’t afford pricey tuition or have no access to one can now easily receive quality education content that follows the syllabus format set by the Ministry of Education anytime, anywhere!

Some other contents are even available for free, such as Astro Tutor TV. Once you register you can already browse many of these useful videos on different learning subjects, with new content uploaded from time to time.

There’s math for SPM

UPSR’s BM Peribahasa

UPSR English

Even Chinese!

Digi is also offering free internet to JomStudi website from 2-8pm every day only for Digi users, so everyone is really doing their part making this a meaningful project for a better learning experience for Malaysian children!

They even have their very own educational video on Internet Safety:

In both Bahasa and English.


Internet learning will play a big part in the near future, and I’m excited to see where this will lead our children. Right now Junya and Sakura are not at a stage where they will be actively using the content yet, but looking at how our family has pretty unpredictable traveling plans, something like JomStudi might even give us a learning advantage especially when it comes to learning a second (third? fourth?) language!

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