Hair Makeover with number76

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I’m sure you when it comes to precious locks, i entrust my hair complete to the team at number76 (Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2 and Tokyo Omotesando branch).

I have been with number76 since 2011 and never did i once walk out of the salon feeling disappointed. In the past i was always quite reserved when it comes to hair, but the 76 team changed my entire hair life, i tried almost all the colors available, bleached and tone-down and then maintain with lots of magic treatments…. :D

Here are some photos of my hair journey with number76:

Dark grey, ash blonde, sakura pink, blueberry waffle maple syrup lolol.

hi-bleached my hair many times too

These two colors were done in 76 Omotesando in 2012.

Then i got sick of super long straight hair so i had a mini makeover, cut chest-length and layered it crazy light, and I LOVED IT.

This one is done at number76 Bangsar 2 branch. And they are actually opening a new branch in KL area….. (where where where? :D) So excited about it!



Anyway, if you have been thinking about doing something nice for your hair, but haven’t got the chance yet…

Clozette is having a contest again!!

In case you have forgotten, Clozette is an online fashion and social platform where women can discover, shop and share fabulous fashion/beauty finds and buys from around the world. Want to flaunt your latest buys? Share it on Clozette! Want to shop the latest arrivals from ASOS, Nastygal? Browse them from Clozette Shoppe. Want to view the latest inspiration on fashion/beauty? Go onto Clozette’s community!

And I love Clozette also because they are always so happening having lots of giveaways/contest with very generous prizes!



This time around, Clozette is rewarding you with a Complete Hair Makeover & cash vouchers with number76.

What to do?

What are the prizes?


3 x GRAND PRIZE: Complete hair makeover worth over RM300 each (and apparently unlimited, you can create any crazy hairstyle you want!)
10 x CONSOLATION PRIZES: number76 cash vouchers worth RM100


  • Contest runs from 21 July – 10 August 2014
  • Open to all readers from Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines 
  • The winner will have to bear her own traveling costs and make her own arrangements for the collection or redemption of the prize
  • Prizes are valid only at the following number76 branches: number76 Mid Valley, number76 Bangsar 1, number76 Bangsar 2

For the full details, hop over to Clozette X number76 to find out!

You can also browse my clozette account here ^^!



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Haro all!

Today i want to introduce to you my current favorite make up remover!!

Jeng jeng jeng…

It is called Purevivi Cleansing Lotion.

Never heard of it? Neither did i until few months ago when i was given a bottle for a review!

From Japan and made in Japan, of course ♡

Now for someone who puts on quite a lot of make up, a good make-up remover is really one of the best investment you can make. For me i have tried almost everything, from soap to foam-based to mousse to gel-based to oil-based to make up remover wipes. The most effective one i would say is oil-based one to cleanse of those stubborn water-proof mascara. But honestly i secretly hated oil-based remover because no matter what there’s still this leftover oily feeling, not to mention it is quite messy when you pour/pump it out and worse if it spills over.

But why is Purevivi my favorite now???


It is a make-up remover that is almost like water!!!!! It is fragrance free, non-oil based, alcohol free, and the texture is SO SO light it’s like cleansing with water!!!

Here are the 4 main functions:

Removes makeup




At first i was very skeptical la. I thought, ok fine it might be so mild it’s perfect for sensitive skin, but really meh, who are you kidding, can it really remove those make up i put on?

(Hahha in this pic i put on extra heavy make up for demonstration)


Ok come.

First of all, drip a few drops of the cleansing lotion on your usual cotton pad.

Then i cover my eyes and gently wipe off.

This lotion contains moisturizing plant extracts like grapefruit, lemon, jujube, apple aloe and barley extracts, so it’s completely natural and gentle to skin, yet it’s effective in removing even waterproof make up!



Before and after hahaha. Really like magic!!! I have never used such light texture liquid that so effectively removes make up before!

For lips also the same. I put on some really sticky lip gloss, and wipe it off with soaked cotton.

All came off!!


Really clean in just one wipes, and the best is it doesn’t leave any funny smell or uncomfortable feeling on your lips like some oil-based removers do.


Thoroughly clean face with no make.

The packaging doesn’t look very fancy mancy wancy, but highly recommended!

This bottle is 500ml, apparently it says that it will last you more than 2 months if you use it everyday (with 2-3 pieces of cotton), but guess what!! I have already used it for more than 2 months and look at the volume!! That’s how much i have used lolol. (Ok maybe i’m just extra kiam siap lol.)

Anyway Purevivi is now selling like mad hot cheesecakes in Taiwan and Thailand right now, and it is freshly launched in Malaysia too!


You want to know the best thing??

The price.

Guess how much??




RM48.90 for 500ml!!!

Crazy right??? I used to spend over a hundred for some expensive oil-based removers!

Seriously this is one of the most worth-your-money products ever, you can just go try it yourself!


Purevivi is available at SASA Malaysia outlets, and also online at!





Postnatal Coordinate

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First coordinate collection after pregnancy! (Preggo coordinate post 1, 2, 3) Prenatal  Week 39 This was the last pregnancy coordinate, a day before i delivered. Now that i think about it, the whole pregnancy was just like a blink of an eye, the most part of it seems like a fuzz now and i feel like pregnancy is a piece of cake and i think i can do it all over again!!!! (Obviously not true lol) Also, the deteriorating memory thing is for real! No matter how hard i try to recall now (and it’s just slightly more than a month ago), i completely cannot remember how it felt like to carry such a big belly anymore! It is nice to be able to resume pre-pregnancy life and get into my old clothes again, but at the same time I am also a little sad i cannot remember how the baby rolled and nudged me back in the belly. In fact i STILL cannot believe i had a human inside me before. Why like that???   Postnatal Day 8 First outing after coming back from the hospital with Junya. Bag from Kipling!   Day 11 This bag also from Kipling.   Day 12 Monochrome. Outfit from MURUA and EMODA.   Day 13 A hello Kitty kind of day! Top from Oui Ayano Ruban.   Day 14 Junya’s coordinate: Bubble Swaddle XD   Day 17 Retro Pin Up Girl.   Day 23 Summer Resort Girl. Day 27 Bag from Storksak.   Day 31 Junya’s full moon party! Will blog about that soon! Whole coordinate from EMODA.   Day 38 Casual mama & baby day. Finally got my baby carrier from Ergobaby. This is the latest model: 360 Carrier that allows you to carry your baby in 4 different positions: front inward facing, front outward facing, hip, and back. And it looks like this super popular Ergobaby is also award-winning many reasons, and one of them is that it is ergonomically designed to fully support baby’s hip and not a crotch dangler like many other carriers. I tried wearing Junya in Ergobaby at home, and i love it!! Sometimes he fusses and i will have to put down my work to tend to him (which can take foreverrrrrrrr) but now i can keep him close to me AND have both my hands free to do more things needed to be done, like…. typing this. I also brought him out for a walk! The danna walked Champon and i walked with Junya… mostly sleeping throughout hahahha. It is also very very comfortable! Hi. *yawns* I haven’t seen many baby wearers around, maybe because not many people bring small babies out, and if they do they mostly use strollers. But i think if you are still thinking of giving it a try, i say go for it! It’s priced at RM689, available at major maternity/baby stores in Malaysia. ^^     Anyway, many people think that i was on some crazy fatal diet or something in desperation to lose weight and needed to go to a mental ward (“hey girl you need to take care of your baby and stop thinking only about yourself!“), or have some magic pills to get back into pre-pregnancy shape again so quick. But as much as you will hate me for saying this, i did NOTHING to lose weight. Diet was out of the picture because i was hungry round-the-clock and probably eating more than my whole family combined. But the good news is that a part of my belly is probably still as flabby as Junya’s cheeks now. So yea magic is not so magic after all lol.   . . . [Shoutout]   If you have not tried Libresse before, here’s the perfect chance for you to make the change and feel the difference! Hope over to Libresse’s FB page to redeem a 6pcs FREE sample pack while stock lasts! Remember to LIKE the FB page to show your support!

JRunway Online Shop

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Two years ago i was at Singapore for JRunway’s store opening, it is so exciting finally Japanese brands i like are available to more people!

But at the same time i was also a little sad because there’s still nothing like that in Malaysia :(


Anyway, it is about time!!! JRunway has been planning to add an online shop in addition to the physical store in Plaza Singapura, and it is now finally launched!


If you love JRunway store, the same items will be available on the online shop as well. In addition, some exclusive exclusive brands for JRunway Online will be coming up soon too!

Some of the brands available:


JRunway offers both casual street style from Shibuya and Harajuku for the young (at heart) and fun, as well as simple and sophisticated Tokyo style for the working and those who prefer a more otona (mature) look.

Some of the new arrival items:

So many citrus and botanical prints that’s super got this summer!! What’s more they are on sale in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale.
Isn’t this lemon pattern set-up cute!!! On sale at $49 only!
Floral print dress ♡
My favorite brands like EMODA is also available (some items on discount!)
Some items are at 50% off! also have a fashion portal site: ““. This trends site offers street to high fashion in Japan, so if you want to get in touch with the latest fashion happening in Japan, this would be a great reference site!
Under “Fashion Snap” you can get inspiration from all the casual street snaps.
There’s also Buyer’s Choice, where Chinami (JRunway’s buyer) posts her fashion tips and inspiration. I love her fashion photos!!!
Of course there are also other hot news and fashionista blogger’s sites.
Specially for Cheeserland’s reader,  JRunway is giving out a special $5 off e-coupon to use on the online store!

Just use this code:  BLOG-LRJ9


Go shop at JRunway Online now!

Your dream Santorini wedding

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If you follow me since last year, you would have read about my Weddingmoon in Santorini!

It remains as one of the best memories ever in my life, because it was just simply perfect. A few friends of mine also went to Santorini for their weddings after seeing all the amazing photos, and all of them told me they had the time of their lives.

To refresh your memory, here are some of the pictures of my Santorini Weddingmoon journey:

What is this!!!!!!!!

I thought this experience is only available in heaven or something!

Quiet time, peace, the sea and good wine (and finally a wife HAHAHA), that’s the danna’s perfect relaxation moment.

Our private villa. Apparently this picture was re-posted on Instagram a lot of times and everyone is in awe!!!!

Also, our wedding was incredible.

It was as romantic as how i imagined it to be.

Felt truly blissful and thankful to be given the opportunity ♡

And it was really like a dream escapade.

With the one whom you will spend the rest of your life with ♡

Recently Xiaxue also went to Santorini for her wedding photoshoot too with the same wedding planner, and she told me it was super fun!


Of course none of these would come true if not for Sunrise Greece and Memoires Aboard, exclusive partner of Sunrise Greece in Malaysia.

Memoires Abroad help facilitate overseas wedding planning, both legal/symbolic wedding. They also do:

  • renewal of vows
  • pre-wedding photography and videography
  • anniversary arrangement
  • honeymoon arrangement
  • guest arrangement
  • sale / rent of wedding gown and bridesmaid dress

Basically a one-stop destination wedding company based in KL so you can meet up with the planner and discuss your dream wedding in details.

For me i had to communicate via email with Amie from Sunrise Greece everyday, sending images and photos back and forth. Although she did a perfect job crafting the best wedding for me, it was kind of exhausting for the both of us, what’s more battling the time difference lol.

But now you can just relax and let Memoires Aboard help you with all you need!

For my weddingmoon, i had to source for my own wedding dresses (one is from blogshop, another one is just a casual dress from EMODA lolol). Now Memoires Aboard is selling and renting gowns and dresses in a wide selection!

They actually also lent me a few so that i can reminisce the sweet memories of my Weddingmoon.

Here are the coordinates of some of them!


Coordinate 1

If you prefer minimalist and mood-matching, this is very Grecian and totally suit the ambience!


Coordinate 2

This convertible dress comes in like a thousand colors and you can also wear it a million ways so good for those who want variety, and also a great choice if you are inviting your bridesmaid over! I picked blue because that’s Santorini’s color :D


Coordinate 3

If you love something romantic/princessy, this sheer, flowy dress with empire waistline encrusted with diamantes  won’t go wrong!


Coordinate 4

Elegant and classy is in the collection too!


In full view:


Close up:





Anyway i really really miss Santorini and would definitely want to go back! I love it so much i would like to get married every year there! (to the same man la hahahha.) Hopefully next time i can bring Junya there too and perhaps have a family photoshoot!

SO….. i decided to dress him up matchingly and took a few mama and baby photos lol #shioksendiri

Can’t wait to travel with him!! :D



Anyway, for those of you who are planning to have a wedding or a romantic getaway in Santorini, the awesome people from Sunrise Greece is coming to KL!!!


Last year they did the same thing too! I was there as a guest to share my experience:

With Amie (Sunrice Greece) and Betty (Memoires Aboard).

Accident matching coordinate hahaha.


They are all really nice people! So don’t miss the chance to talk to them and ask them anything you have in mind.



Reservation method:  – / 03-6211 6655



Instagram: memoireswedding

One day as a mom

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With a newborn.


So my mom had to go back to hometown earlier than scheduled due to family emergency on my day28 postpartum.

When she told me about it, i was like oh okay sure!Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.49.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.50.00 PM

But my heart turned blue and was like


Anyway, that marked the end of my Baby Holiday™And ironically, that was also the start of my confinement, because i literally cannot step out of the house (not that i have the confidence yet anyway) and am grounded with the baby.

A few friends thought that i was crazy enough not to start finding or hire a maid/confinement lady/baby sitter when i was pregnant. Also they predict that if i wasn’t already crazy, i will soon be. Point taken.

But so far it wasn’t as bad as i thought because my mom was more like Junya’s mom than i am, i was pretty much just a milk machine wtf. I relaxed, did my work, put on make-up, even went out for dinners while she took good care of the baby. But eventually the day i feared has to come. And came it has.

After mom was gone, i stared at the danna, poker faced, didn’t know whether i should start freaking out or not. But he just told me one thing that instantly lifted me up. I suddenly feel like my life is full of hope and seeing the lights of a bright future wtf.


He said,

Well, this is the perfect chance for you to experience how being a mom in Japan is like. And this is the ultimate challenge for you. If you can do it, you will be sure that you can live in Japan.




Actually the danna also said:

1. If you can take care of the baby, cook 3 meals a day, do the laundry, clean the house all by yourself and not go crazy, congratulations, you can now survive  in Japan.

2. If you can take care of the baby, cook 3 meals a day, do the laundry, clean the house all by yourself, at the same time prepare bento box for your husband (and kids) and not go crazy, you are a true Japanese mom.

3. If you can take care of the baby, cook 3 meals a day, do the laundry, clean the house all by yourself, at the same time have the godly patience to prepare Instagram Popular Page worthy Kyaraben (Character bento) for your husband (and kids), calculate all the calorie intake and always buy the most value-for-money household items and not go crazy, you can be a popular charisma housewife.

4. If you can take care of the baby, cook 3 meals a day, do the laundry, clean the house all by yourself, at the same time have the godly patience to prepare Instagram Popular Page worthy Kyaraben (Character bento) for your husband (and kids) and dress up and put on make up before your husband wakes up and only remove your make up after your husband falls asleep, you are a super star housewife. (And probably truly crazy).


(Eh i’m not joking. Watched a variety show on Japanese TV where this actress admitted she did that and her husband has never ever seen her without make up before in their entire marriage wtf.)

One of the reasons why i didn’t give birth in Japan as you all curiously asked was because i would be all alone. Without any family except my working husband and a crying baby. In Japan there’s no such thing as maid/confinement lady. There are helpers and babysitters but maybe only people like Ayumi Hamasaki  can afford because it probably costs more than your college fee. (Even some of the most popular models i know in Japan told me that they do their own housework.)

Everybody does it themselves. Lucky ones have family to help out, but millions of Japanese moms probably do it alone all the time. Right after delivery, they do all the cooking, grocery, housework, taking care of their child (sometimes more than one child!) while their husband work till late night. Some even had to do all these WHILE having a job. Don’t say Japanese mom la, our own grandmothers (my grandma had 11 children!!!!!) or even mothers also did it without all these help, their children never die also wtf if not we all won’t be here today.

SO WHY WE CANNOT??? Summore last time there was no such thing as washing machines/microwaves/vacuum cleaners/pizza delivery/Wikipedia/Google etc etc etc. What happened, modern moms???




So i decided to document a day of my life as a new mom taking care of the baby.


Get up (not wake up, since there’s no such thing as sleep) and feed Junya.

He drifts back to sleep and i did a quick pump session to boost supply.


Wash all midnight feeding bottles.

And sterilize .



Feed Champon and wash his toilet.



Eat breakfast with the danna.



Bathe Junya (and dropped my iPhone in the water and kelam-kabut-ly splashing water all over myself while taking this picture wtf.)

Successfully undrown him and changed him into new clothes. And myself.



While the danna is still around to keep an eye on Junya, go downstairs to run errand and come back, danna goes to work and i clean up dishes etc.



Feed a screaming baby.



While Junya falls asleep, it is the best time to cut his nails. WHY DO BABIES’ NAILS GROW SO FAST???? I just cut it few days ago!!! Sucking all the calcium off me T___T

And no matter how short you cut it it’s still sharp so have to file it off to not end up having a scar-faced baby. Cut half way he wakes up crying and comfort him back to sleep.



Take out the laundry. Then hop over the PC and check some emails.



FREAKING HUNGRY. And already failed first test.

Because no time to cook so i had food delivery for lunch.

Half way have to tend a wailing baby to change his diaper.

After changing he is still wailing so have to feed him while feeding myself.

I think in a few more weeks and i can rock-climb with just one hand. Also another astonishing new discovery : my feet are actually beyond dexterous. The amount of things i pick up from the floor while both hands are tied, and the degree of weird angles my legs are able to bend to accommodate feeding and multitasking. In a few more months i could probably build a castle with just one foot.

Then continue to finish trimming all his nails! (Now it’s time for mine)



Discuss with Champon about life in general and brush him.



Vacuum the house with Champon chasing around the dust machine.



Feed a screaming baby. Then continue to clean the house foreverrrrrrrr.



After a few decades of forever, tend to a screaming baby thinking it is nappy change time, and he decides to have a poo explosion the moment i open his diaper FML.

After some frantic cleaning up i was rewarded with a smile that makes at least half the troubles worth it.

Snack while watching over Junya’s tummy time.



Fold the laundry then console a fussy baby.

Finally he falls asleep on the couch and i heat myself a snack.

Then baby wakes up, feed, cuddle etc etc etc.

Baby naps again, mommy does some work, tends to crying baby, feeds, goes back to work….

The rest of the evening was a fuzz i couldn’t even be bothered to document what’s what. That’s when i failed the dinner test again. Decide i was just too lazy to cook so i napped next to Junya until the danna came back at night.

He made us dinner, and we ate straight out of the pan so there’s less dishes to wash wtf.

Finally it is time for the two of us to relax and catch up with each other’s day over dinner, until…

Junya insisted he wanted to join dinner too.

So the three of us ate dinner on the same table.



Attempt to write this blog post.



Decide to screw that and crawl into to bed.


To sum it up, my life:

And how i feel at night:



PS: In the end this blog post is done two days later over small stretches of baby nap breaks. If it sounds incoherent or doesn’t make any sense at all, that’s exactly how i am now.  Anyway. One thing at a time. Just wait, you award-winning-popular-page-worthy-hubby-and-kids-kyaraben.






 ARDO Calypso Breastpump from Switzerland!

Even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed your baby, a breast pump is an absolute must.

I breastfeed and also bottle feed (expressed milk) Junya, I’m so so glad that i have one because it really saved my life as a new mom. The first few days after delivery in the hospital, i was major stressed about my low milk supply as the baby was crying day and night of hunger T___T.

When i got back home immediately took out my Ardo (still intact in the box lol) and started my first ever pumping experience. And felt so relieved how convenient it is to my life.

The one i have is Ardo Calypso electric double breast pump, which could be converted to a single pump. I have never use other pumps before but so far i’m quite happy with it!


The first few days i pumped every hour to boost milk supply, then kept it in the fridge so my mom or the danna can feed the baby when i’m busy, and when i had extra i stored it in the freezer for future rainy days.

Was embarrassed to post this pic cuz this is probably the most exposed picture of mine. I’m showing you not even my boobs, but the content inside my boobs wtf. Talk about intimacy.

Here are some of its features compared to other breast pumps in the market:

  • Silent, Gentle & Efficient breast pump
  • Choose 3 different sizes of breast shells (26/28/31mm) & OptiFlow
  • 8 levels of adjustable suction & speed
  • Either in Single or double pump
  • Mains or Battery operated
  • 2 years warranty (for motor unit only

You can find it in major maternity/baby stores in Singapore and Malaysia!




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