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Number76 Singapore Concept Space

July 22, 2017 in Happenings 1 Person Cheesed

When our family first relocated to Singapore, we had no idea how long we would be here. We contracted our apartment for 1 year as that’s the minimum, because who knows… we might run back to Malaysia if things did not go well, haha. It was a very brave adventure for us and also all […]

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Eazy-Go – 10 seconds breakfast for busy mama

July 17, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

I really enjoy posting all the #lazymamacookinghack ideas on Instagram, and am extra happy when some followers tell me that they have tried some of the tricks and found them useful. Today I’m introducing the quickest meal you can ever make yourself because I know… mama is always the last to eat, there are always […]

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37 Months VS 14 Months

July 11, 2017 in Baby 17 Cheesed

Junya turns 37 months today and Sakura is 14 months old! Haha yes the journey continues even though I have never seen/heard anyone referring their kids as 37 months old😂 My two baobeis. Let’s see what happened in the past month!^^   For Junya 1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month,  8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th […]

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Deco Instant Noodle Tutorial

Today I’m sharing another #lazymamacookinghack to make super super easy yet kawaii bowl of instant noodle that will make the kids go all excited! The best part? They get to take part in decorating their own lunch! The food art today is called The Girl with Blonde, Curly Hair and Too Much Hair Accessories… Swimming […]

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Setouchi: Uwajima

This is the third day in Setouchi! Read my previous post on Uchiko,  Matsuyama and introduction on Setouchi. Highlight of the trip. HAHAHA. CHEESIE SAMURAI !!! (Omg don’t I sound like a burger??)   HomeAway Accommodation I loooove the second listing! It was also a building from the Meiji Era, which means that it has […]

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Setouchi: Uchiko

This is the second day in Setouchi! Read my previous post on Matsuyama and introduction on Setouchi. Highlight of the trip.   We arrived at Uchiko from Matsuyama, the capital city of Ehime Prefecture. You may get to Uchiko from Matsuyama by express (25 minutes) or local train (1 hour), and it is covered by […]

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I Never Expire

June 28, 2017 in Commercial Break 6 Cheesed

I am 33 this year. Typing this alone gives me a little bit of a shock. Admittedly I have not really liked to mention about my age because I feel that doing this is putting a lot of limitation and attracting unnecessary stereotype on myself. There was once, during an influencer selection for a campaign, […]

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Setouchi: Matsuyama

This is Day 1 of our Setouchi X HomeAway trip. (Read previous post here .) Highlight of the trip.^^ I am so thankful for HomeAway because it helped me unlock my 28th Prefecture: Ehime. First time in Matsuyama Airport! So Chanwon and I took a flight from Changi to Haneda via JAL, which landed at […]

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How to survive Japan on $10 a day

When I was 14, I had a dream. My dream was to visit Japan. However that dream was held on for 10 years. One whole decade. I was 24 when I first visited Japan. And the reason why it look me so long was that Japan was way too expensive for a regular Malaysian fresh […]

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Get HomeAway in Setouchi

You know, sometimes I wish that I can live 100 lives, so that I can spend each life living a different existence in different places in Japan. As a farmer, as a fisherman, as a sushi master, as a popular comedian, as a ninja, as a Shiba Inu lolol. That is how amazing Japan is. […]

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36 months VS 13 months

June 11, 2017 in Baby 14 Cheesed

Sakura is 13 months today and Junya turns 3!!! Neither of them is a baby anymore😭 For Junya 1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month,  8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month , 15th month , 16th month , 17th month , 18th months , 19th month , 20th month ,21st month , 22nd month , 23rd month , 24th month , 25th month , 26th month , 27th month , 28th month , 29th month , 30th month , 31st month , 32nd month , 33rd month , 34th month and 35th month here. […]

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Why I was secretly squeezing my own boobs all the time in Japan

Please don’t flag my blog for having suspicious content based on the title above. In fact, This blog post is gonna be so useful for many people, that I think it deserves a medal. So, if you followed my Instagram for the past week you’d know that I have been away for a trip to […]

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The day my husband forgot about my birthday

Actually this post is about the most loved castle in Japan, Himeji Castle, and the most coveted beef worldwide, Kobe Beef. But it was also my birthday. So I win the title. But I still love you, Himeji Castle and Kobe Beef. You are welcome. So for the past two days (31st March and 1st […]

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I am feeling very powerful now, because I have just visited the most sacred shrine and the second most sacred shrine in Japan, one after another in two days. In the previous post I went to Ise Jingu in Mie Prefecture, and the next day I thought, let’s keep rolling and I decided to travel to […]

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Ise Jingu and Matsusaka beef, Mie Prefecture

During our 3 week’s stay in Osaka, the danna asked if I had any request to travel anywhere within the Kansai region, since we hardly come to this part of Japan. It had to be a day trip because we have booked our accommodation in Osaka throughout the stay. I thought about it and I […]

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Recipes you oat to know

May 22, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

Haha yes, judging from the cheesy pun, you know this post is about oats. 😛 Oats have not really been a favorite in our family because I grew up thinking that oats were bland and boring. But I thought it was time I introduce variety into our breakfast table instead of the usual milk, cereal […]

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Hanami 2017

Finally! Writing this post makes me so happy ❤︎ This is a photo post on all the breathtaking pink blossoms in Japan this spring. Osaka Castle Number76 Company Trip I For 4 years in a row, Number76 has been organizing their annual company trips to Japan! I didn’t get to join the first one in 2014 […]

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35 months VS 12 months

May 11, 2017 in Baby / Pokemom 18 Cheesed

Junya turns 2 years 11 months today, and Sakura is… 1!! I still remember the days when I was so so so nervous to find out the gender of my second baby… If it turned out to be a boy again I will make myself a third one lol. And now my baby girl is 1 […]

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Imaginary Oompa Loompas

May 9, 2017 in Pokemom 4 Cheesed

Junya has his imaginary belongings. Now it’s my turn to have imaginary friends. Annoying ones. This is how it feels like to spend a usual day at home. A dozen of imaginary oompa loompas trying to interrupt, distract and stop you from achieving anything at all. A few parachuting zigzag across the room, some climb right next […]

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Eat Osaka 2017

Yummy post today! Here are two weeks worth of Japanese noms during our trip to Osaka (and a week in Tokyo). OSAKA Ichigo The first thing I hunted for was Ichigo. A box of White Ichigo from Kuromon market for only 400 yen. Sakura’s first. Nom.   Hakata Amao. Soooo huge! Spamming all the Ichigo […]

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Of tenderness and toughness of a mother

Sakura is turning 1 next month and Junya is turning 3 the month after next. 不知不觉 I have already taken up the daunting job as a mother for 3 years. You’d think that I’d be quite experienced at my job now but noooooo. Every single day is a new challenge and every single day I […]

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HomeAway in Japan

I was really really looking forward to our trip to Japan this spring, because it would be the first time seeing cherry blossom after missing it 2 years in a row. However we had a problem. As everyone knows, the sakura season is insanely crowded with tourists in Japan. We confirmed our trip only a […]

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Coordinate Spring 2017

I feel shy to even call it “coordinate” because they are technically just “random pieces of clothing I grab from beneath my toddler’s feet to put on and lumps of make up I hastily brush against my face so I look human when we are already very, very late for the intended train ride to […]

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Omiyage Spring 2017

Quick omiyage shopping haul post! The usual every time I come back from Japan ^^. Most of the items are from combini, Akachanhonpo (baby products), Don Quijote! First there’s world yummiest granola – Furugura from Calbee. The usual version is sold in Singapore but I have not seen these editions yet. On the left is […]

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34 months VS 11 months

April 10, 2017 in Baby 3 Cheesed

Junya turns 2 years 10 months today, and Sakura is 11 months old now. This month we spent most of our time in Japan, so it is 3 whole weeks 24 hours altogether again. Same nap same bed again.W12 Here’s the regular monthly update! For Junya Also read Junya’s  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th […]

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Sakura 2017

After 2 years of missing the blissful clusters of pink everywhere in Japan, I am back. 2012   2013   2014   2015 Didn’t make it to Japan in spring due to the danna’s work commitment.   2016 Didn’t make it for cherry blossom because it would be too near my due date with Sakura. […]

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More of Japan for Malaysia

April 1, 2017 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

Many of you who are reading this page probably have something in common: you love Japan too! Many, many, many of my readers send in emails and comments to ask about travel tips to Japan, and sometimes I really do not have the time to answer each and every one of them, and I feel […]

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Sangat Rindu

My family and I live in Singapore now, and we travel to Japan many times a year. It is ironic that the place that I called home, is the place that we visit the least now. I am often asked if I miss anything back home in Malaysia. The answer is yes, of course. There […]

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Breakfast for Junya (and Lunch for Sakura)

March 25, 2017 in Bon Cheesepetit / Pokemom 27 Cheesed

This is a cooking diary for myself. It is looooong cuz it’s a couple of months’ worth of meals haha. If you like you can browse through it and hope some of them give you some ideas on some simple cooking for kids and busy mama like yourself. (If you love the food but are […]

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Gold Coast 2017

March 16, 2017 in Australia 5 Cheesed

Photo album for our trip to Gold Coast, Australia last month. After one whole month of working without a single off day during CNY rush, the danna decided that he want to just chill the heck out at the beach for two whole weeks, so we traveled to his favorite surf spot – Gold Coast. […]

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