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Tokyolife Winter 2016

Here I am at 23:36 trying desperately not to fall allseep, but I really really owe this blog a new entry. On my To-Blog-List there are 6 posts that I really wanted to write, and I am clearing with this one first. Photo post on #Tokyolife, December 2016. Forever in love. I have travelled with […]

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Fuji Safari Park

Have you ever wished you can drive in the comfort of your own car and say hello to free-roaming wild animals in close proximity? Fuji Safari Park lets you do just that. I love the zoos and Junya even more so, so I try to bring him to see all the animals. Having been to […]

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Nagasaki 2016

November 18, 2016 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Kyushu 4 Cheesed

Photo post on Nagasaki, October 2016. This is Sakura’s first time going to Nagasaki to visit jiji! Junya’s first time is here. Breakfast at Haneda airport, at a curry shop called Cuud. Mine was tomato curry, very yummy!   Arrived at Nagasaki and we went straight for lunch! A super popular Chinese restaurant, where Champon […]

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Tokyo Life Autumn 2016

During our 3 weeks stay in Japan Sep-Oct 2016. Quite a number of readers told me that they thought it was unbelievable how I handle two kids while traveling between 3 countries. I totally didn’t think so. The danna helps me out a lot and whenever possible he would come back home early to settle […]

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10 Awesome Japanese Packagings

Haro! Brainwash time again! So so so! Today I want to talk about how awesome Japanese packagings are, I took a few months to collect all these pictures so I can compile them into this post. Even if you have not been to Japan before, I am sure you have seen/bought/received Japanese products with packaging […]

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Tokyo Family Coordinate

Quick post!! Honestly I cannot remember when was the last time I did a coordinate post. Or even properly take a coordinate picture, becauseeee… 1. My coordinate is forever same-ish no matter what I wear since I have a grey baby carrier strapped onto me almost the whole time. 2. When you have to fit […]

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