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Niigata Prefecture

February 24, 2017 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Tohoku 5 Cheesed

Checked. My 25th prefecture in Japan. 22 more to go. We wanted a snowy holiday that’s not too far from Tokyo, so we decided to visit Niigata prefecture, also nicked “Snow Country”. Niigata is most famous for two things – skii resorts with soft, powdery snow and Koshihikari rice. And we were gonna enjoy both […]

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Niigata Adventure

While I was compiling the post for Niigata with 70 over pictures, here’s a short video on our shinkansen and snow adventure in Niigata prefecture! ♥ Update again soon! ^^  

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Tokyo Station & Shinkansen

This post is about Tokyo Station. Yes there’s a railway station called “Tokyo Station” in Tokyo, and it is the busiest train station (with most trains – the one with the most people is Shinjuku Station) in Japan with over 3,000 trains operating everyday! How crazy does that sound! Well, Tokyo Station is more than […]

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Our Niigata Journey

December last year, our family took a short trip to Niigata Prefecture from Tokyo. Born and raised in a tropical country, I was always fascinated with winter and cold climate, because that was what sounded exotic to me. I think a lot of my Malaysian peers feel the same. A lot of my friends preferred […]

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Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama

I have always wanted to go to Cupnoodles Museum by Nissin, because once the danna told me about the story of Ando Momofuku, the person who invented the very instant noodle that is now eaten around the world, and also the founder of Nissin, and I was very touched by it and became a fan […]

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Eat Tokyo Winter 2016

Here’s a yummy post! Things we ate last December: Ichigo Binge Ichigo. I basically binged on Ichigo every day until cannot. Because once we get back to Singapore, everything would be 3 times the price XD. Usually at the ichigo section in supermarket they also sell condensed milk (in a tube) and recently a new […]

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