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Tokyo DisneySea Spring 2014

October 5, 2014 in Japan 4 Cheesed

Today’s photopost is Tokyo DisneySea with RinRin this spring! We were there last year too (haven’t even blogged about it), and i really wanted to visit Disney in spring because it has the prettiest theme and the best weather! Also this is Junya’s first theme park debut lolol. Through my belly lolol. Baby bump coordinate! […]

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Oui, Ayano Ruban & dinner with Yuria & lost doggies

September 26, 2014 in Japan 4 Cheesed

(Tokyo Photopost) This was a few days after my birthday in Tokyo! That time still very happening almost fully booked every day lolol. Must maximize play time before the baby arrives! Coordinate of the day. The shoes are Cheat One™ because they were quite high and i had a whole day of walking, so changed to flats […]

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Hanami date with QiuQiu

September 23, 2014 in Japan 11 Cheesed

(Yes wor, still got hanami.)   I was so excited to write this post because i was waiting for QiuQiu to announce her pregnancy!!! Now that she did i can also mention here liao! Anyway i am SO HAPPY for her because of all my friends she probably wanted a baby the most (and i was […]

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Birthday hanami 2014

September 7, 2014 in Japan 6 Cheesed

I actually blogged about this already but this is like a complete post! Throw back birthday post! Present for myself lol. This one piece cost 500 yen ok! So i took like 500 pictures of it to make every cent worth it XD Ok la i won’t say white ichigo is a super big deal, […]

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Hanami @ Chidorigafuchi

August 31, 2014 in Japan 14 Cheesed

2014 Hanami Date #4 Today’s hanami date is with the danna! He took a few days off to celebrate my birthday (although it isn’t the day yet), so we had a pre-birthday hanami date. (on my birthday itself we had another proper birthday hanami date HAHAHA talk about hanami overdose :P). Coordinate   Another sakura viewing […]

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Hanami with NALU

August 20, 2014 in Japan 9 Cheesed

Tokyo photo post! It’s amazing half a year later my blog still can haz sakura lol. Anyway Hanami is really one of my favorite things to do in the world! At 7 months pregnant and running out of flattering clothes to wear, i became a Devoted Zombie to see sakura XD. Wore the most comfortable […]

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