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Tweed Heads is the first place we stayed in NSW. I spelled it wrongly as Tweet endless times. I blame social media. #1 View from our hotel–Outrigger Twin Town Resort. #2 The first place we visited was the Tropical Fruit World. Of so many other more interesting and better looking fruits, they chose an avocado […]

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Highlights of Northern Rivers

May 30, 2011 in Australia 34 Cheesed

Just came back from Australia! Haven’t even unpacked my luggage and warmed my sofa yet nao i’m here cuz i scared all of you forgot about me wtf. And also since i’m on a #hardworkingblogger mode! Here are some snippets of my trip to Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. Will blog more once my luggage is […]

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Kuma Koara wtf

May 27, 2011 in Australia 35 Cheesed

This is for Aud  who asked me what i want when she went to Australia and i told her what i wanted but she didn’t get me the actual thing because she said couldn’t find but she got me a postcard of said item instead which until nao she hasn’t given it to me wtf. […]

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Last 70 pix of Aussie

May 18, 2010 in Australia 50 Cheesed

This is the final batch of photos. Henry Jones Art Hotel #1 Super love their bathroom mirror. #2 I mean, i’m sure other people stress on other more important things like, comfy bed and, i dunno, Bailey’s in mini bar. But i have never found a hotel with better lighting for camwhoring. #3 No more […]

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May 11, 2010 in Australia 87 Cheesed

Ok my blog is turning into an album but really too many awesome pictures and i want to share everythinggggggggggg! (52 pix) #1 From Cradle Mountain we drove to Freycinet—on of my fav places in Tasmania. And we stayed in this most gorgeous lodge–-Freycinet Lodge (our accommodation was just getting better and better!!!!) #2 Overlooking […]

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May 7, 2010 in Australia 69 Cheesed

I must be the most hardworking blogger ever typing this at 1:28AM. I have to catch up on all my travelogue before they run out of fashion (else you will still be seeing my Liz Lisa Spring next year wtf). After Australia, i need to go back to my Nagoya, and then eventually my winter […]

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