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Cebu three

September 25, 2009 in Cebu 29 Cheesed

Update: Blog template screwed up FML. Please be patient, your cheeseroll will be restored soon! . . Last entry on Cebu and lots of pix! #1 I love the idea of just chilling at an awesome hotel and in this case, the Pink Hotel, Cebu Hilton. They have some fancy restaurant too! #2 A dolphin-themed […]

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Cebu too

September 18, 2009 in Cebu 43 Cheesed

#1 The second morning, we checked out and gonna move to our pink hotel! Hungersss and we just decided to walk in a little restaurant at the roadside. #2 #3 Very home feel! Only Joyce is able to capture such artsy picture! #4 Food (from left): Something in between fried fish and salted fish. Some […]

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September 11, 2009 in Cebu 54 Cheesed

I’m so lucky i havent deleted my Cebu photos from my camera. Cuz my inernal hard disk is gone case already FML. Why everyone says Dell so good so good. Most of my major agonies are caused by it ok. Besides having to deal with PMS blues, i have to dell with random bluescreens summore. […]

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Pink Hotel

September 5, 2009 in Cebu 68 Cheesed

Fairy and i just came back from the beach, she has got a nice tan and i had a crab cut. (I don’t need a tan anymore because it’s in my name already.) (Ya i know. But i miss being lame. Too much serious posts lately.) Courtesy of MAS we are sent to Cebu to […]

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