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To be honest i’m kinda having a blogger’s block but here’s still a post! Picture from Prague last October. Holy cheese it’s going to be a year since the trip!   Stayed with Misako San in her apartment. The view from her window.   European breakfast by Japanese.   Thats the… elevator :X   An […]

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Sometimes i wish that i am living multiple lives simultaneously. You know how people always say “maybe it is happening in a parellel universe”? I want to know all of my alternate lives in every other parellel universes. Choice is sometimes the most difficult luxury one could ever have. (Choice: U MAD? #trollface.jpg.) There is […]

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Sorry for not updating, been Czeching new places out.

October 31, 2011 in Czech Republic 34 Cheesed

Seriously i’m not making another Czech pun again. It’s getting waaaay too much. But i can’t deny that i have been waiting quite long and was excited to write that. This is my first road trip in Europe. Micha drove more than 4 hours to Prague (Danke schön), and i didn’t know that you can […]

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