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Hongkong Shopping Trip!

June 28, 2011 in Hong Kong 52 Cheesed

So i was editing these photo last night until hand pain and i came up with a genius idea. I was thinking Xiaxue and i could just each edit half and then exchange photos THAT WOULD SAVE SO MUCH TIME!!! But then today i woke up that woman for once is more hardworking than me […]

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Bye Disney sob!

November 26, 2009 in Hong Kong 121 Cheesed

After this post means no more Disney! 🙁 I mean, not until Jan the 2nd when i go to Disney Sea Tokyo muahaha *rubs it in* Anyway i will tell you why you should stay at the Disney Hotel even though it’s expensive (HK$1,600 per night) and why it is totally worth being poor for […]

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Disney HK winter 1

November 26, 2009 in Hong Kong 103 Cheesed

I blogged about them 2 years ago. If you wanna compare Disney HK in summer and winter, you can go HERE and HERE. Strongly recommend not to go during summer because i amost died of a heat stroke and i didn’t quite enjoy it because of the weather. I rather die become an ice cheese […]

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Hong Kong shopping!!

November 24, 2009 in Hong Kong 152 Cheesed

UPDATE Ok the mall you all want to go is called Argyle Centre! If u take the MTR to Mongkok station, just follow the direction of Exit D2 and it will be right outside the exit. Thank you JoyJoyce for the info!! <3 . . Too many Disneyland pix i decided that i’m too lazy […]

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Disney Hong Kong–Winter Wonderland

November 20, 2009 in Hong Kong 73 Cheesed

Omg i’m having so much fun with the girls!!! The weather is so nice! A bit on the cold side. They say this is like one of the coldest winter in HK. but i’m not complaining. I will reserve my complaints for Hokkaido. Ok managed to painstakingly upload some of the pix, but no photoshop […]

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Boringer Disneyland photos.

August 30, 2007 in Hong Kong 45 Cheesed

Fantasyland So hot can die ok. My Fantasyland is a place where umbrella means a kind of vodka-flavored chocolate. So this is not exactly a land of my Fantasy. The Parade So hot can die twice. Ariel is my favorite Disney character! You? There were yummy seafood galore. Yum. Jellyfish. Yum. Takoyaki! Cinderella is now […]

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