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Boring Disneyland photos.

August 28, 2007 in Hong Kong 45 Cheesed

Finally. You guys have prolly seen it a million times from other blogs. You will have to bear with me again. It was Day 2 in Hong Kong and i couldn’t wait to go Disneyland. 🙂 Like i said before, Disneyland in Hong Kong is so accessible (just a couple of MTR rides away) it […]

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1 Hour in Macao

August 26, 2007 in Hong Kong 43 Cheesed

I know. It’s been two months and i haven’t finished blogging about my HK trip. I’m sorry. Sort of regained a teeny weeny bit of happeningness lately. So much happened after the trip, but all is good. 🙂 Day 4 in Hong Kong The Hotel. The shabby breakfast. In this apparently quite famous HK style […]

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HK Day 3

July 30, 2007 in Hong Kong 64 Cheesed

Hong Kong dimsum! 😀 Shopping in Mongkok! 😀 I love this restaurant! Called Strawberry Forever, everything is strawbie-themed! Hong Kong people love Lai Niu Har to bits. They even have Lai Niu Har sushi! 0.o Went to Gala Place shopping mall. The shops are nice! So victorian! See see see. Laces and laces and more […]

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Hong Kong Streets

July 20, 2007 in Hong Kong / Just Punny 35 Cheesed

Pun of the day: In Hong Kong, batteries are over-charged! (Just kidding). Hong Kong street names are fun. While you’re actually in Hong Kong, you may feel like you’re somewhere else. For example, you may feel the buzz of the fast paced walk of the millions of pedestrians in the canggih city of Shanghai. Or […]

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HK Day 2

July 18, 2007 in Hong Kong 37 Cheesed

Pun of the day: A block of cheese flew by and hit the fortune teller in the face. Cheez, she should’ve seen it coming 😛 I went to Disney-cloud-cuckoo-Land on Day 2!!! But i’m not gonna post it! It’s the best memory i had in HK so i save the best for last! Muahaha. Wheehehe. […]

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HK Day 1

July 16, 2007 in Hong Kong 64 Cheesed

Pun of the day: i visited so many Victorias in HK that my interest was at its peak It’s the boring travel log but yea i will have to post it. I bunnyhopped some blogs and i found out almost everyone just went to Hong Kong recently (by recent i mean as recent as 2 […]

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