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The Meaning of Mottainai

August 30, 2015 in Japan 18 Cheesed

This post is an extension to the previous post on the meaning of itadakimasu. You now know that when one says Itadakimasu, one is humbly expressing his gratitude to mother nature, and everything that brought the meal on his plate. And when you feel thankful for your food, naturally you will want to savor the […]

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To the beach with Junya!

August 27, 2015 in Commercial Break / Japan 4 Cheesed

A photo post on Japan in June 2015! It was summer in Japan and it was time to hit the beach! The danna had surfing itch for a long long time since the last time he surfed was in Bali. Most of the NALU staff (beach boys!!!) are surfers too so the they rented a […]

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Autumn in Tohoku

August 21, 2015 in Japan 5 Cheesed

As summer is coming to an end soon, and if you are traveling to Japan in the next few months, these are some of the places you may want to consider going if you are into romantic autumn leaf viewing this fall. The Tohoku region has some of the best known spots for Momiji (autumn leaf)viewing. […]

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Totoro Cream Puff in Tokyo!

August 13, 2015 in Japan 6 Cheesed

Have you seen this Totoro Cream Puff before?   Yesssssss. It’s #onlyinJapan. Quite a few of my friends visited this little mysterious cafe so during my trip to Japan this early summer, i decided to drop by! It’s getting late now (22:55. Yea i know. By my boring mom standard, it is late.) so it’s […]

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Tokyo Disneysea with Junya

August 7, 2015 in Japan 4 Cheesed

So so so!! It is Junya’s Disneyland debut! Unless you count the time he visited Disneysea when he was still in my tummy. Then this is second time hahaha. A day before Junya’s birthday, i decided to join Number76 Malaysian team’s Tokyo Disney visit! The team was split into the Disneyland group and Disneysea group. […]

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Mother Farm, Chiba

August 5, 2015 in Japan 9 Cheesed

This was on 11 June, Junya’s first birthday! We didn’t have any birthday celebration for him but we did plan to go somewhere nice where Junya gets to enjoy too, just the 3 of us. Mama & bb coordinate ❤︎ JunJun is wearing his 1-year-old baby Montsuki, a formal kimono for this special occasion! First […]

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