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Tokyo Omiyage!

January 7, 2015 in Japan 25 Cheesed

First post of 2015! ♡ Was packing our luggages before heading back home, so i snapped some pictures of the things we bought/received. Here’s a quick post on all the omiyage (souvenir) and presents!   Baby Series   A totoro toy clip and chewy banana for teething. Mini Ponyo for Junya. Too cute!!!♡♡♡ Mini cotton […]

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Mama Life In Japan

December 29, 2014 in Japan 34 Cheesed

So i have been living my new mama life with Junya in Japan now for about two weeks. Before we came to Japan i was really nervous and worried. He has just turned 6 months and is reaching a lot of new milestones, like getting more and more mobile, being more curious about the surrounding, […]

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The baby wishing tree in Hakone

December 26, 2014 in Japan 23 Cheesed

Our family came to Japan to complete two very important missions: 1. To bring Junya’s to visit his grandfather in Nagasaki for the first time. 2. To bring Junya to visit Hakone Shrine.   We would be back to Nagasaki during Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year), but first thing first, to visit Hakone and give our […]

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First flight

December 21, 2014 in Baby / Japan 36 Cheesed

Finally! It was time to bring to Junya back to Japan for the first time ♡ The danna and i had been feeling nervous about this for months, since we have heard many stories about how difficult flying with a baby could be. And admittedly i have also had the urge to strangle a few wailing children in […]

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Hello Kitty Cafe Restaurant: Yokohama

December 16, 2014 in Japan 12 Cheesed

This is a bonus post from the #CheesieInKanagawa blog posts. [You can read also Ep1: Yokohama,  Ep2: Miura, Ep3: Kamakura &Fujisawa, and Ep4: Hakone] This Hello Kitty Cafe Restaurant is part of Yokohama’s experience, but it’s so awesome it deserves a separate blog post! HKCR can be found in Motomachi, Yokohama. I didn’t have a better […]

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Kanagawa Ep4: Hakone

December 14, 2014 in Japan 2 Cheesed

[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama,  Ep2: Miura and Ep3: Kamakura &Fujisawa] This post is on How to Get to Hakone! Did you know? (although i have already told you) Hakone is part of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is its best-known tourist destination. #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie Today’s coordinate. Accessories changed as it get a little colder, much colder, super […]

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