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February 5, 2011 in Korea 42 Cheesed

(That’s what Korea is saying to me. It misses me i think.) Just when i thought i was done with Seoul….Surprise! Just received more pictures and i’m mega happy imma post them all here ^^ #1 This is me just arrived at the airport. Scott was nais enough to come pick me up. #2 Checking into […]

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Seoul Long Again

February 1, 2011 in Korea 33 Cheesed

Doing a Korean post in the middle of my Euro trip because i finally received some pictures from Scott after forever. Even though our friendship didn’t go as well as expected, but he is no doubt a really good photographer! These are some of the pictures he took when we traveled together. #1 That’s the […]

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Seoul Long!

December 21, 2010 in Korea 134 Cheesed

For every asshole the free thinker’s equivalent of God gives you, He/She/Shim/It also gives you a Good Samaritan. This is a somehow, kind of, almost but not entirely unfair world. This is the story of how i end up having my 20KG luggage on—-wait for it—- and had a not unpleasant thrill ride (literally. about […]

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Seoul much to say

December 17, 2010 in Korea 42 Cheesed

but i can’t. Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out to be what everyone expected and i am really frustrated over some issues you might have read it somewhere else but definitely not here due to many layers of complication #inception so imma just post pictures of the trip #cryptic. Sien. *calms self down* […]

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Seoul Style

November 24, 2010 in Korea 76 Cheesed

actually i am super busy i am going out for a meeting in 20 minutes so initially this was gonna be just a boring style shot with plenty of pimps for minimaos but in the end i ended up editing more pictures than necessary! You will see hao! Anyway most of the pictures are pathetic […]

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Nihonjin desuka?

November 22, 2010 in Korea 44 Cheesed

if there’s any place on this planet where Aud and i can become a Japanese, it is Seoul. I didn’t say that we want to become Japanese, but that was what we became, in Seoul. In Japan, we are just some weird Japanese lookalike people speaking with a weird accent. In Malaysia, we are just […]

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