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Real Autumn

November 16, 2010 in Korea 35 Cheesed

not the iCity Cheat One™ omg so happy! (Yes i’m taking time off in my hotel blogging instead of enjoying cold Siberian air and Korean night life. I know. You are welcome.) #1 #2 Real maple not some electrically wired faux leaves -_- #3 #4 Outfit: Snidel Jacquard Nordic Dress from minimaos. #5 I can […]

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After 24 hours

November 15, 2009 in Korea 40 Cheesed

Congrats to Wern Shen from who won the blogathon! Oh well looks like i will have to buy Cheddiee a new laptop or give mine to her. Anyway! Thanks a cheezillion for all your support, those who helped comment, RT, actually came and voted for me, and even bought me drinks/snacks. THANK YOU!! <3 […]

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Cheesie's style

November 14, 2009 in Korea 71 Cheesed

6:28PM   Ok topic of the hour is: What defines style. I mean, when you can be in a display window, and do a live hair tutorial, that’s style. #1 This is what im wearing today. Wardrobe by French Connection, TANGS. I feel like a mutant animal. The beige sequin top is very… scale-like. Made […]

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Blogathon Day 2

November 14, 2009 in Korea 154 Cheesed

NEW POST 4.09PM They drew for me!! 2:49PM Fashionable Technology 12:20PM 10 things you should know       11.43AM MAKEOVER #1 BEFORE #2 My crap hair. Gonna do some magic to it. #3 Sacrificing my laptop power point in the name of vanity. Lucky my Lenovo battery last very long!!!   #4 While im […]

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Cheesie Mannequin

November 13, 2009 in Korea 134 Cheesed

11:51PM Thank you so much for all your support. I will be at the same event later (Saturday) from 10AM-10PM at TANGS Pavilion KL. Come support if you can. 🙂 If you are bored, read the few posts below. I made them into archive so it doesn’t flood the main page. ^^ 6:35PM Beauty & […]

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in TANGS window now!

November 13, 2009 in Korea 135 Cheesed

1.56PM   Breakfast! Lunch on my Lenovo laptop, because no other place to put alrady >_<   1:36PM I will tell you the reasons why you should support me instead of the 3 other gentlemen.   Reason 4 Still need to put eyedrop for my eye infection summore have to stare into screen for 24 […]

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