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Kanagawa Ep3: Kamakura & Fujisawa

December 11, 2014 in Japan 13 Cheesed

[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama, and Ep2: Miura]   After Misaki Maguro Day Trip in the morning, we took a train to Kamakura. I have actually been to Kamakura two years ago in the summer, and also stopped by Zushi beach for Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks Festival). It’s really nice to come back again in […]

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KANAGAWA EP2: Misaki Maguro Day Trip

December 10, 2014 in Japan 8 Cheesed

On the second day of my Kanagawa trip, we went to Miura and Kamakura. This post is a guide to Misaki Maguro Kippu. It literally means, the Misaki Tuna Ticket. Huh? Now what’s that about? Whatever it is, sounds delicious. Let’s see. But first let me take a selfie (In the purest sense of the words lolol) […]

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Kanagawa Ep1: Guide to Yokohama

December 6, 2014 in Japan 21 Cheesed

[Note: Very long post!]   To start off, let me give a brief introduction of my recent visit to Japan! The tourism board of Kanagawa prefecture (神奈川県) has invited me over for a very short stay in Kanagawa so that i could tour around and explore the less discovered hidden gems and promote this part […]

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Kusatsu Onsen

November 23, 2014 in Japan 17 Cheesed

Last post from my Japan trip in spring. I’m going again early December for work, back, then go again middle of Dec with family, and bringing Junya for the first time! ♡ So it was my last few days in Japan, and Genie danna has granted me one last wish. I didn’t know where to […]

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Hakone in Spring 2014

October 30, 2014 in Japan 10 Cheesed

One of the last Japan photo posts!   N0-make Make and Cocker Spaniel hair. Preggo Coordinate   I was 30w along! Baby is ready to breathe and he looks like a proper baby now! How exciting! I remember he was moving and kicking a lot that few weeks, i could see it through the belly! […]

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Tokyo DisneySea Spring 2014

October 5, 2014 in Japan 4 Cheesed

Today’s photopost is Tokyo DisneySea with RinRin this spring! We were there last year too (haven’t even blogged about it), and i really wanted to visit Disney in spring because it has the prettiest theme and the best weather! Also this is Junya’s first theme park debut lolol. Through my belly lolol. Baby bump coordinate! […]

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