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Inzai: Moff Animal World

November 5, 2015 in Japan 4 Cheesed

Today i’m going to blog about an awesome animal farm which you can pet an alpaca!!! Of course, in Japan.  We accidentally found out about this place when we sent off a friend to Narita airport. Initially we wanted to go to Mother Farm again, but turned out that it was too far away so […]

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The miracle apple

October 25, 2015 in Japan 3 Cheesed

I have briefly talked about this movie before, “Kiseki No Ringo”, literally, the “Miracle Apples”. (Bonus of the movie: Original soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi!!!!) The danna told me to watch this movie, and he said i would appreciate Japanese fruits even more after i watch it. And yes, i was really glad i watched it, and […]

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Baby Item Shopping List in Japan!

October 21, 2015 in Japan 5 Cheesed

Today i’m blogging about my baby item shopping haul from Japan!!! If you are into health and convenience (then again, which mom isn’t???) and maybe some kawaii, Japan will be your shopping heaven for your babies/kids. Ever since i had Junya, 80% of my luggage space are reserved for Junya’s items. Cannot resist.   Before […]

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Solamachi and Gudetama Cafe

October 7, 2015 in Japan 8 Cheesed

Haven’t updated in a while!! There were guests staying with us in Japan this time so our family has been doing some touristy stuff these couple of weeks, and few days ago we went to Solamachi (the mall where Sky Tree is!) with our guest Carolyn, who finally came to Japan for the first time […]

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Tokyo Life (Autumn 2015)

September 28, 2015 in Japan 11 Cheesed

Family trip to Tokyo again!!! TRAVEL This time around we have a special guest staying with us for the first week! Actually special guest means my new baby sitter + personal hair stylist lolol. No la. Amy came to Tokyo for Number76’s study holiday. She’s gonna come back with new hair witchcraft that’s gonna create […]

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The meaning of Umami

September 12, 2015 in Bon Cheesepetit / Japan 13 Cheesed

I’ve talked about the origin of Itadakimasu and the significance of Mottaitai. Today i want to talk about this word called “umami“, it’s not a phrase like itadakimasu or mottainai, but still related to food, veeeery yummy food, because i know you guys love eating XD. So let’s see! You may have heard of umami, since […]

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