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Shanghai after 2 years

December 15, 2010 in China 26 Cheesed

Is so freaking beatiful. #1 Stole this image from google, but i’m just saying i don’t remember the Nanpu bridge being so beautiful wtf. I was sitting in the bus just staring at it in awe. Like, seriously, since when did Shanghai become so beautiful?! . . So i was all excited i emailed Oli […]

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Hennessy Artistry Shanghai

December 3, 2010 in China 45 Cheesed

Quick update after Hennesy Artistry Shanghai Press Con. And guess who met the stars!!!!!!!!! Sa Ding Ding, China’s new age artiste. Seo in Young FTW!!!!!!! (Yes, go on. You totally have my full permission to be jealous.) She is super cute omgomgomg. And she has like one of the nicest Korean noses! I like. And […]

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In Shanghai

December 3, 2010 in China 35 Cheesed

For Hennessy Artistry. Guess who i met wtf. Email me if anything. Because i’m in China, where everything is possible. Except maybe like Facebook and Twitter. Way to go, China!

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Ze Adventure (Part 2)

May 29, 2009 in China / Just Punny 37 Cheesed

(lazy to type long title) SO!!! As i was telling you, Henrietta Ze Hunter was trapped by the evil crane-like Vulture. So erm… Ok la actually, this part 2 is cheat one. I was just too tired to continue typing. And it was late, you know, sleepiness washed over me like ze wave… whooosh. Anyway […]

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Ze Adventure of a Hunter in Shanghaizoo

May 25, 2009 in China / Just Punny 64 Cheesed

Today i want to tell you an extremely long story. After successfully hunting down some criminals and solving a major crime case in Zuzumbu Village (that involved the most notorious Dook Mafia), Henrietta the Hunter now has another case on her hands. If you still remember her that is. Ze brainy blonde French lass who can pop […]

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Day 10: RM10 Hair cut in Shanghai!

November 29, 2008 in China 30 Cheesed

Or RM5? I can’t really remember. Zhong zi is very the cheap! Of course hair extension won’t look awesome without a hair cut. Even though it’s an RM5 one. Very good service. But they are a little pestery about the membercard thing. Apparently if you sign up you get like a 50% discount. So one […]

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