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My Europe Fashion Graph

This is my usual post-travel style shot post. Two weeks worth of fashion diary. Before i start, here’s a graph i painstakingly drew on Photoshop after some Herculean effort (i had to stop chatting for 20 minutes and completely shut my mind to conserve some brain cells so that i could come up with this […]

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Just how expensive is Zurich?

February 2, 2011 in Switzerland 53 Cheesed

The objective of this blog entry is to ruin Switzerland’s tourism. People have to be insanely rich to travel to Zurich. Or just insane. I mean, it is already stated  in the name of the city itself. Take a hint. This was our breakfast at a very very ordinary cafeteria inside a shopping mall just […]

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January 30, 2011 in Switzerland 39 Cheesed

#1 Took a train from Lyon to Zurich. #2 And temperature is also rapidly getting lower. Had to wrap myself in so much clothes that it actually makes my body sore. i will never make fun of spring rolls, kebabs and Michelin anymore. I know how they feel nao. #3 Went up to the mountain […]

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