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Hello Kitty Cafe, Taipei

November 24, 2012 in Taiwan 33 Cheesed

Thanks to Expedia Malaysia (and Singapore), the four bloggers, Xiaxue, QiuQiu, Aud and i flew Hello Kitty Airline to Taipei before heading to Tokyo. Girly trips are the best because who else is going to go all excited together with you visiting a Hello Kitty cafe?! All of us, obviously!! 😀 So this blog post […]

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Hello Kitty Airline

So Xiaxue, QiuQiu, Aud and i were on a trip to Taipei and Tokyo! For Aud and i it was KL-SG-TAIPEI-TOKYO-TAIPEI-SG-KL in 8 days. It was quite crazy. And all the accommodation and flights were provided by Expedia!    You could say that the entire trip happened because of one tweet. If i am not mistaken […]

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The rest of Taiwan

February 10, 2012 in Taiwan 26 Cheesed

Sorry for the lack of update since Taiwan! Been very busy…. with stuff! That’s all! Saying more will sound like i’m bragging wtf. Here’s the rest of my insta-Trip of Taiwan! #1 #UFOD at Tou Cheng. #3 With my manager #4 Me and my iPhone wtf. #5 Charcoal eating doggy #6 Dunno how this fella […]

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Taiwan 2012

February 6, 2012 in Taiwan 26 Cheesed

Blogging this on mobile at KLIA! Landed 2pm and have 4 hours to spare while waiting for the kareshi to come back from Japan. Here’s some pictures from Taiwan for the last 4 days! My trips are mostly spontaneous but this was probably the most ridiculous one. Got a phone call at 10am from my […]

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Kaohsiung III

March 9, 2008 in Taiwan 6 Cheesed

Mr.bbq: This is a continuation from part II, entry dating back to 3rd Jan 2008! Another notice to let you know that Cheesie isn’t actually around, I’m actually just guestblogging for her in her absence. She’s currently in the mysterious Dreamhouse, unable to make or take calls nor to get online so I’ll have to […]

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Kaohsiung II

March 6, 2008 in Taiwan 29 Cheesed

Mr.bbq: This is a continuation from part I, another backdated entry! I’ll leave it to the post to entertain you, but in the meantime if you remember the Malaysian Dreamgirl thingie that she was eliminated from? Well, here’s the first part of the audition videos, and she appears for only ONE mere second, exactly at […]

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