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Andara at Phuket!

This is a full post on our Phuket trip!   And here’s the representative photo of ALL the good times we had during that short two days trip! Photos that are not instagram or doesn’t have a fading edges are all stolen from Qiu lol.     Again we were very lucky to be sponsored […]

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Awesome week!!

Phuket I’m so happy! Just got back from Phuket with Xiaxue, QiuQiu, Sophie and other friends. here are some quick pictures from my Instagram before i do a full post! #1 The girls! Like 11 Singaporeans and ONE Malaysian hahaha. Is that what ONE MALAYSIA MEANS!?!??!   #2 Me and Qiu with our ice blended […]

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Bangkok Travelog

July 20, 2011 in Thailand 14 Cheesed

Here are two useless videos that will give you zero help in exploring Bangkok. Have fun! Warning: also contains me trying desperately to cover the fact that i had shitty make up on but you still get to see me in shitty make up if you are nice enough to stay till the end. You’re […]

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July 11, 2011 in Thailand 70 Cheesed

3 hours after i landed, i’m here blogging. YOU ARE WELCOME. I really hope i’m getting paid by the amount of time i spent on my blog and twitter and FB. I will really be quite rich. I don’t mind lotsa OT too. This is my second time to Bangkok. The first time was hell […]

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