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Why i hate FB chat

August 11, 2010 in Cheesoron 75 Cheesed

I tried chatting on FB for the first time in my life last week. I cannot understand why people use it! It is shit. Anyway i had to because… well, because. *leaves room for imagination wtf* And suddenly 97341 people are talking to me at me at the same time and this is the kind […]

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I really wanna stop this I Cannot Tahan™ List

October 3, 2008 in Cheesoron 65 Cheesed

But i cannot tahan™ not posting this. Also because i’m too lazy to blog about other fantastic things (but i will!). So happy. Anyway remember my no.22 on i cannot tahan™ list? Lemmi refresh you. 22. i cannot tahan people who leave different comments with different names and then agree with themselves.   Some people […]

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I hate people calling me babe

July 27, 2008 in Cheesoron 97 Cheesed

Eh i think i blogged about this before. Never mind. And i think punny people are very cute. Okay that’s totally random. But go back to the i hate people calling me babe thing. See it all happened when a lousy ex-boyfriend starting calling me that. He called me babe (!!!666). Okay fine he also […]

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Girls are just bitchy.

July 22, 2008 in Cheesoron 115 Cheesed

Update: OMGOMGOMG CHRISTIAN BALE ARRESTED for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister!!! Who still think he is hot? I think Batman’s gone a little too siao and violent. Let’s vote for Hugh Jackman. Muahahha. Mrs MayZhee Bale, How you plan to bale him out eh, got a good lawyer yet? /update   by nature. And […]

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December 3, 2007 in Cheesoron 19 Cheesed

I have no idea what this person is at.   He/she/shim/it wrote this as the first post and the last. I think he/she/shim/it probably died of dyslexia or cheezophrenia because sometimes it’s cheesedland, sometimes it’s cheeserland. The title says Furte, but the author is Fulte. So. Like, yay, someone out there actually shares my undying […]

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Boy Friend Club?

September 21, 2007 in Cheesoron 41 Cheesed

So like, *dials 0172595526* “Hello David. I think i could use some help. See, I’m going back to my hometown for Mooncake Festival this Saturday, and i have this super kepoh great grand aunty who will never stop asking when i’m getting married. Will you be my temporary boyfriend for a night and how much […]

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