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Herbal Essences Japan Series!

March 29, 2014 in Commercial Break 6 Comments

What would excite me more than getting me to try out everything Japan-related! Herbal Essences’s new series is Japan-inspired and formulated with its brand new blend of aromas. And as Jane and myself are big fan of Japan, we were very honored to be selected as the special guests for the media launch + tea […]

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BABY G Neon Illuminator

March 26, 2014 in Commercial Break 3 Comments

I am becoming a fan of Casio!! (Just got two of their cameras, but more review on that later.) Earlier on i had my first Sheen watch, and today i’m showing my brand new Baby G! Baby G is soooo nostalgic! It has been popular since high school time, and it was so so so […]

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Awesome Fridge

March 3, 2014 in Commercial Break 11 Comments

Awhile ago i talked about all the useful household items you should have in your home, and today i’m adding one more, to your kitchen, and it is the newest Sharp Plasmacluster Dual Swing Door Fridge. So what’s so special about this fridge!! Let’s take a look at a video first where i did a […]

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Staying in Australia

March 1, 2014 in Commercial Break 29 Comments

[Update: Winner Announcement] Thank you so much for your comments! Airbnb has chosen the winner! And it is… Jeng jeng jeng jeng… Hunster! Congratulations! Please send an email to to redeem your coupon code by 15th March.  It expires on 30th June 2014, but can be used for any travel dates. On how you can […]

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Mend The Broken Hearts

February 28, 2014 in Commercial Break 13 Comments

Two weeks ago i was in Gold Coast, and one day i was wondering why Australian loves fresh flowers so much to the point all supermarkets are displaying them right at the entrance. Hmm it must be a huge business…. And then i realized it was Valentine’s day. So yea that’s the kind of woman […]

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February 17, 2014 in Commercial Break 4 Comments

Quick announcement! I have just joined Clozette as one of their ambassadors for 2014! If you haven’t heard of it, Clozette is an online fashion and social platform where women can discover, shop and share fabulous fashion/beauty finds and buys from around the world. You can share your latest buys, get opinions from fellow Clozetters, and you can […]

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