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Save more money shopping online with Shopcoupon

July 28, 2017 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

Most people I know love to shop online. It is the easiest, fastest and sometimes even the cheapest compared to if you head down to a mall. But the internet is overloaded with shopping sites and each may sell a product at a different price. How do you make sure you get the best deal? […]

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The Body Shop: Fuji Green Tea

July 25, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

Do you like green tea or matcha? By now most of you should have heard of all the health benefits of green tea. I myself am a matcha fan and love everything matcha edition, including chocolates, roll cakes and even matcha salt (for tempura). But how about green tea in your hair? The Body Shop […]

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Eazy-Go – 10 seconds breakfast for busy mama

July 17, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

I really enjoy posting all the #lazymamacookinghack ideas on Instagram, and am extra happy when some followers tell me that they have tried some of the tricks and found them useful. Today I’m introducing the quickest meal you can ever make yourself because I know… mama is always the last to eat, there are always […]

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Deco Instant Noodle Tutorial

Today I’m sharing another #lazymamacookinghack to make super super easy yet kawaii bowl of instant noodle that will make the kids go all excited! The best part? They get to take part in decorating their own lunch! The food art today is called The Girl with Blonde, Curly Hair and Too Much Hair Accessories… Swimming […]

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I Never Expire

June 28, 2017 in Commercial Break 6 Cheesed

I am 33 this year. Typing this alone gives me a little bit of a shock. Admittedly I have not really liked to mention about my age because I feel that doing this is putting a lot of limitation and attracting unnecessary stereotype on myself. There was once, during an influencer selection for a campaign, […]

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Recipes you oat to know

May 22, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

Haha yes, judging from the cheesy pun, you know this post is about oats. 😛 Oats have not really been a favorite in our family because I grew up thinking that oats were bland and boring. But I thought it was time I introduce variety into our breakfast table instead of the usual milk, cereal […]

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