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FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

September 15, 2016 in Commercial Break 1 Person Cheesed

Today I am going to introduce a product that every fashionable girl and mother who can’t live without her makeup and who is looking for a gentle way of cleansing will love. I was already a fan of FANCL before I got to know this product. A little back story: FANCL is one of the most […]

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Even PokemonGo is better in Japan.

September 2, 2016 in Commercial Break / Shoutouts 5 Cheesed

Nah just kidding. Singapore is still the best because I caught my first wild Pikachu at Changi airport. Apparently Pikachu thinks he’s a better fit for a pet than the leopard named Ice Cream that we got Junya from the night safari.   Anyway, my #PokeMOMgo life here in Tokyo. It is a short trip […]

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Lighting up

August 29, 2016 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

Lighting is very important as it changes the entire ambiance of your home. We are currently living in 3 different homes, and I must say that the lighting makes a huge difference, and it greatly affects the comfort of our living space. For example, our apartment in Singapore is quite old and the lights’ quality […]

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August 19, 2016 in Commercial Break / Pokemom 0 Cheesed

I blogged about Goodsania last year, a shopping site selling Japanese household items that make home living more convenient and enjoyable! This time I did more shopping on the site, since my whole life is pretty much about cleaning/cooking/laundry now. Here are some of the items I got! Hahaha super aunty. But actually a lot of […]

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Shopping for baby in Malaysia

August 12, 2016 in Baby / Shoutouts 0 Cheesed

Most of the baby items in our home are bought from Japan. I usually get it from Akachanhonpo which is like the shopping heaven for every mother. Once I recommended a friend who just became a new dad to visit Akachanhonpo, he said thanks to me his two luggages are all full XD. Food. Miscellaneous […]

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Chicco on the go

July 25, 2016 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

Our family travel every 1-2 weeks between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo right now. Here’s how our travel life looks like: Hahahha. Since we spend a good amount on road when we travel back and forth KL and SG, I wanted to get a good toddler car seat for Junya as the previous one we […]

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