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QT Gold Coast

February 14, 2014 in Australia / Commercial Break 3 Comments

So the danna and i are spending two weeks in Australia as we come here annually in February mainly for surfing (him) and relaxing (me). The first night we arrived in Brisbane, we checked in to a motel near the airport where we spent 30 minutes murdering mosquitoes on the ceiling. (After that we had […]

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EMODA Coordinate Feb 2014

Haven’t updated on EMODA coordinates in awhile! When i knew that i got pregnant and was getting bigger everyday, i thought i was gonna give up my favorite clothes forever and start shopping at maternity shops and wear typical empire waist line big floral dresses T___T. Every few other days there would be a few […]

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Sheen Watches

February 7, 2014 in Commercial Break 8 Comments

I’m probably considered quite open-minded when it comes to trying new fashion mix and match and coordinating, but one thing i’m still not quite good at is accessorizing, especially watch wearing. If you scroll through my coordinate pictures you will probably see that i am mostly bare-wristed (bangles or any arm wear is almost impossible […]

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Girls in business

January 27, 2014 in Commercial Break 3 Comments

Many people have asked me if i’m no longer blogging, what would i be doing? It is quite a difficult question to answer, because to be honest, i haven’t really thought about that. I am naively positive to think that when the time comes, i’ll know, and now it’s not the time for me to […]

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Coordinate Dec 2013

Last year’s coordinate collections! Sounds really last year but is last month only actually XD   ISETAN X FORUCHIZU It is still going on until CNY, so if you like some of the items i wear below, you can still get them from ISETAN KLCC, although some might have sold out by now!   Coordinate […]

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Baby Foot

December 16, 2013 in Commercial Break 28 Comments

This is one of the most intimate blog posts i’ve ever written. In a way. Cuz you all always say i don’t show the danna’s picture right? Right. Today i’m going to show the pictures of the sole of his foot. Up close. Hey that’s quite a privilege ok! I don’t think many people in […]

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