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Japanese household items that will change your life

January 14, 2014 in Eccentric Ringoism 60 Cheesed

We won’t be going back to Japan for awhile so before we came back to KL we literally raided the whole supermarket lolol. Anyway the danna introduced me to some household items (including food!!) that changed my life forever. So i thought i just wanna share a few things that made me go “HOW COME […]

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Don’t ever send nude pictures on Whatsapp.

September 19, 2013 in Eccentric Ringoism 26 Cheesed

So after the 9th year anniversary blog post, i realized that everyone of you came to this blog by different chances and stay here for different reasons. I got curious and decided i would delve more deeply into that, so i spied my own Google Analytics to find out which keywords brought you to this blog. […]

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Tip of the day

Today i want to talk about tipping!!! One of the hardest things we had to do in Europe (and Africa) was to tip people. I’m from Asia and i am not familiar with the whole tipping culture. The most we do here in Malaysia is to round up the fare for a taxi driver, or […]

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End of the world

September 22, 2011 in Eccentric Ringoism 37 Cheesed

The predicted date is 21 December, 2012. If it is true, then it leaves us like really just one year and a little more. I know it is silly to think about things that may not even happen. Or… is it really? Most prophecies predict an apocalyptical event that will lead to the end of […]

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Blog Capsule

June 15, 2011 in Eccentric Ringoism 24 Cheesed

Dear future blog readers, you are now reading a blog capsule. I am writing this on the 12th June, 2011, Sunday, 9:23pm and i’m going to bury this post in my wordpress dashboard. The fact that you are reading this means it was uncovered from a dark, dark place, long, long time ago. Congratulations for […]

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Limbless dream

I had this dream a long time ago. I wrote it down and read it again today. And this post is a complete waste of your time. If you have any to waste. I cut my limbs off. Out of curiosity. I think. I cut both my hands off the shoulder, using a knife. Just slashed […]

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