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Regarding my last post about wanting to move away, well, i don’t think i will, yet. 🙁 So you ask me where and when iosoduno. I just want to go somewhere with nice air that makes me actually want to breathe. I dunno where you can do that in KL. Unless i move to Perlis. […]

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Daily argument with a British bitch

July 24, 2010 in Eccentric Ringoism 91 Cheesed

This happens almost only everyday. Whenever i get in the car, i argue with this stupid bitch. I want to keeeel her. Below is an example of a typical argument we will conduct on a daily basis. Bitch: In, nine, hundred, metres, exit, left. Cheesie: Don’t bluff. The last time you asked me to go […]

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Blog Branding

December 1, 2009 in Eccentric Ringoism 72 Cheesed

(The greatest complexity and irony about this post is that when i wrote it one month ago, i demonstrated the exact reason why it couldn’t be published. And now that i am finally able to let it up, it is not relevant anymore. Because i don’t have anymore ads to write. For about 3 weeks […]

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dream UP

I think i had this dream because of UP. Balloon overdose what turf. This story is highly inconsistent, so don’t bother making any sense out of it. So! We are at this theme park thingie. (We means me and two other girls. One is Carol Koh confirm, but another one is either Pinky Tham or […]

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5 years

Cheeserland is 5 years old on this auspicious 09.09.09. 🙂 (Click for 2008, 2007 , 2006 and 2004) . . . The best present for my 5th year blogniversary, is this! Blackberry Curve 8520 So many people have been psychoing me to get a BB (the first one being Wendy, she’s like you MUST get oneee […]

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Extremely no mood

August 23, 2009 in Eccentric Ringoism 190 Cheesed

to do anything at all. Just lie in bed and stay home all day. By the way, what is your biggest phobia? I think everyone is afraid of something ridiculous. Ching is afraid of grainy things (sand, rice) and a friend’s friend (i forgot who already) is afraid of rubber bands (apparently it’s helluva trouble […]

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