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Number76 Singapore!

January 14, 2016 in Happenings 16 Cheesed

(I wanna thank all of you who left nice words and gave me so much encouragements in my previous Life in Singapore blog post. Now i like you guys even more hahaha.) Finally. Singapore. If Number76 Bangsar 1 (which is now closed to be combined with Bangsar 2)is a cozy retro beach house, Number76 Bangsar 2 is a rustic, […]

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Life in Singapore

January 3, 2016 in Happenings 61 Cheesed

Happy New Year everyone!!! And hello hello Singaporeans! This is us invading your precious land and i’m going to spawn cute babies all over your beautiful country lolol. No la. Actually i have been so stressed out by the whole relocation thing. In Kuala Lumpur, we finally have our own beautiful apartment that allows the […]

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Papa’s birthday party and hair dates

I love June and July because many of my favorite people’s birthdays are on these two months! There’s JunJun in June (yea that’s partly why i gave him the name lol) and the danna in July. This year the only present i had for him is his lunchbox. Getting more and more cheapskate every year lolol. […]

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Number76 Publika

April 8, 2015 in Happenings 3 Cheesed

A new addition to Number76‘s family! This time around, it is at the much requested popular retail destination, Publika.   If Number76 Bangsar 1 is a cozy retro beach house, Number76 Bangsar 2 is a rustic, old-time street cafe, Number76 Starhill Gallery is a luxurious pampering parlour, and Number76 Mid Valley is a basement secret society, then now we have a little secret garden […]

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Number76 Mid Valley

January 22, 2015 in Happenings 7 Cheesed

Number76‘s newly expanded and renovated Mid Valley branch!!! Have any of you been there before? It was the oldest Number76 branch, so i used to go there before all other branches were opened. It is so so so different now! It has fully transformed into a more spacious, newer salon, with a whole new concept even! […]

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Number76 Starhill Gallery!

September 14, 2014 in Happenings 3 Cheesed

Read blog post on the opening of Number76 Bangsar 1 and Number76 Bangsar 2. So number76 has just launched its latest branch in KL center, Starhill Gallery. While Bangsar 1 is all warm and cosy, Bangsar 2 is more towards raw, rustic chic. The latest Starhill Gallery branch is all about indulgence and luxury!   […]

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