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New Haos!

February 3, 2013 in Happenings / Useless fashion 43 Cheesed

We have a new haos!!!!! Haha no la. Where got money buy T___T. Actually it is that the end of lease of the danna’s apartment so we moved back to my place. I had been staying alone for so long i seriously didn’t have space for two people. And when we were together before getting […]

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Marry Christmas

December 26, 2012 in Happenings 40 Cheesed

was exactly what i did lol. Was slightly worried that it would turn into a nightmare before Xmas but everything went really well! There was even snow JUST FOR US. This was the best pic i took of the snow. But in real life it is really something like this: I must admit i was kinda more excited […]

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Foruchizu. Thank You.

December 13, 2012 in Happenings 32 Cheesed

as in like “Thank you, from Foruchizu”. But that way sounds more dramatic wtf. Although i should thank Foruchizu also because it was created by a bunch of genuine Japanese fashion lovers, without whom it will never exist in the first place. I actually copied it from Japan’s latest national tourism slogan, which is “Japan. Thank […]

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December 2, 2012 in Happenings / Useless fashion 33 Cheesed

For those of you who haven’t already heard, it’s happening!! #1   ISETAN X FORUCHIZU at ISETAN KLCC, 1st Floor #2   Ohai.   #3 All things Japanese. <3 #4 Ohai again! It’s very pink and pretty hor!! #5 Super cute model to be wearing Foruchizu’s coordinates <3 #6 Monochrom shirt, gold clutch and gold […]

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Meet me at Singapore!

November 17, 2012 in Happenings 34 Cheesed

I have been getting some responses from SG readers who can’t come for my bazaar/fashion events in KL. Guess what! Come meet me IN SINGAPORE!   I will be appearing at JRunway together with QiuQiu, this coming Wednesday, 21st Nov 2012 , 6PM at Plaza Singapura!   I will be walking on the runway with […]

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The LockUp

November 14, 2012 in Happenings / Japan 25 Cheesed

We pretty much spent our Halloween night in prison. And we literally teared blood. The prison is called The Lockup. Or rather, Za Loku Appu. In Japanese lololol. RinRin and i didn’t fancy clubbing so we decided to spend our Halloween night at these fancy themed restaurant in Shinjuku (there’s another one in Shibuya). More […]

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