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Srsly, why are you even following me on twitter?

April 20, 2011 in Just Punny 25 Cheesed

Someone sent me a link to That Can Be My Next Tweet which is a website that predicts what you would tweet next based on your recent ones i think. And this is how the website thinks i would normally sound on my twitter: That’s quite…. accurate. I mean. That totally sounds like me. Why […]

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I made two animations + Shopping with vsHUB

December 7, 2010 in Commercial Break / Just Punny 26 Cheesed

I made two videos on Xtranormal! It’s so addictive wtf makes me wanna be a script writer wtf. This is an animated version of my blog post on “Things You Say When You Have Too Much Shit“. A lot of people didn’t get it but watch this shit and you will have a better idea […]

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Things you say when you have too much shit

November 28, 2010 in Just Punny 16 Cheesed

The buildings here are really fat huh. Of all the words fat is probably not the word i will choose to describe a building. We’re in the middle of this metropolitan city entrapped in all these fat architecture around us… You are completely making a lot of sense. Ya, don’t let me do this shit. […]

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Harajuku Fashion

October 13, 2010 in Just Punny 41 Cheesed

Why we look so happy?!?!?! Maylene and i were like “faster faster faster pretend camwhore!!!” Best jogging wear ever. At Takeshita Dori Japanese fashion is the best. . . . Irrelevant pic. I really like this pic it’s very #inception wtf.

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Worst make up ever

September 17, 2010 in Just Punny 40 Cheesed

Erm, remember Gland Opening? I went there! Didn’t see any glands though. . . . And then, i bought a lot of make up stuff from Tokyo right, not knowing i’ve just bought the worst one ever, from Tsubasa’s Candy Doll. LIP GROSS! FML. I’m going to be fugly. T_T important role in the IT […]

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Gland Opening

August 20, 2010 in Just Punny 25 Cheesed

From Scawaii Sept 2010 issue. Must be some kind of new plastic surgery i’ve never heard of.

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