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The Truth—Episode 1

Week One 04/03/08 Tue 10:30pm This is the 2nd day and it feels like it’s been two months. I wasn’t told to bring a blanket, so i slept with a towel last night. Sleeping was better than what i had expected, nobody snores like a steam kettle fortunately. Bathroom arrangement is, well. You go imagine. […]

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The Truth—Prologue

July 20, 2008 in MDG Drama 114 Cheesed

I kept a diary during MDG. There was no internet, hence this was the most rudimentary way of keeping track of the happenings. This is going to be the real actual diary of a 54-day sojourn of a supposedly undeserving contestant at this little mansion located in Bukit Seputeh called The Dream Home. Below is […]

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So like, tell us about your journey in MDG so far.

July 15, 2008 in MDG Drama 72 Cheesed

[diplomacy] Well, you know, it has to be the best thing ever happened in my life. Whether or not i win the title is not important to me, what matters most is that, you know, i’ve made a lot of new friends through the competition and they are the best true souls i could have […]

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Yes it is a bimbo blog

May 13, 2008 in MDG Drama 127 Cheesed

And it’s ALL ABOUT ME!!! 😀 (Picked that attitude up from a certain girl in MDG. Oh it feels good, no wonder.)   Now get over it.   Regarding the Red FM Red Babe contest, I just collected 10k worth of hair products that are going to last me a lifetime, some perfumery, and a […]

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54 days later

April 26, 2008 in MDG Drama 79 Cheesed

I was feeling a little like the old man who hung himself in Shawshank Redemption. I was starting to wonder if i actually remember how to handle a mouse and how to reply to an sms (huh, handphone? what handphone?) properly. The emotions I was having were so mixed up it makes rojak sound like […]

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I just got eliminated

April 24, 2008 in MDG Drama 152 Cheesed

from Malaysian Dreamgirl. Sorry i’ve failed you. But i’m back as your favorite blogger. =)   Update Omgwtfbbqdvdmdg (yes your Cheesie is back. Stronger now). I just spent 10 hours scanning through 888 emails (how auspicious) and catching up with my own blog (how ironic). Sorry i haven’t been able to reply all. Feels good […]

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