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A Message from Cheesie

April 14, 2008 in MDG Drama 352 Cheesed

Dear Everyone, I know a lot of things have been happening on Cheeserland, unfortunately i only know this much and i do not have the power nor the time to understand the whole story and do something about it, ever since they banned the use of internet in the house. I am not particularly proud […]

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Why Cheesie went missing

April 5, 2008 in MDG Drama 58 Cheesed

The cheesy monster ate her up! wait.. or was it the other way round? O_o   Ok i kid. Mr.BBQ here reporting live from KL in her stead. The reason why there isn’t any post from her is because for some reason the MDGs are unable to go online this week. So they had to […]

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This is my 28th day in MDG

March 30, 2008 in MDG Drama 24 Cheesed

Not everyday comes and goes easy cheesy for me. Sometimes i miss home so much i’ve thought about asking everyone to stop voting for me (looks like that’s the only way go go home). Sometimes i wonder what’s more painful: having sex with a porcupinestabbing yourself with a knife or missing things you love so […]

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WTC!!! MDG, what is the MATTER with you?!

March 29, 2008 in MDG Drama 23 Cheesed

LIKE HELLO?! How can ANYONE make this kind of GLARING MISTAKE? Wake up PLEASE! Sigh. ANYHOO! (SMALL update: Timothy from NN met Ringo in MDG, read all about it here!) I do believe I’ve spotted a naughty cheese 😉   Damn I feel like a bimbo blogger lol. Anyway guys, here’s the answer to the […]

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To Alison

March 24, 2008 in MDG Drama 31 Cheesed

mr.bbq: new episode (well, part 3 really) out at the Malaysian Dreamgirl website! Btw, somebody contact Alison to drop by pls 🙂 If you are reading this, we miss you very much and the kitchen is a mess after you’re gone. Everyone cooks her own maggie mee now. Remember what i said about the mini […]

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Thank you everyone

March 19, 2008 in MDG Drama 70 Cheesed

Dear Everyone, It’s me again. Super glad to see you all at Nuffnang’s Pajamas Party (thank you Tim!) and i managed to visit my own blog few days ago (feels so strange) and i just want to say i’m very, very touched by all your comments and the banners you guys made for me (Kevin, […]

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