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Tsubasa inspired nails

February 25, 2010 in Nail Cheat One™ 143 Cheesed

This Cheat One™ tutorial attempts to cheat the Masuwaka Tsubasa’s (creator of Dolly Wink and have earned dunno how many billion yen by cheating vain little girls who have short eyelashes. Hate her.) nails. #1 Liddis. 90% similar la. Obviously her nails are those glue-on Cheat One™, but i’m gonna teach you how to draw […]

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Pink leopard print nails

My new nails are to match my previous Hair Bun video! I’m crazy pink raperrrt preen. #1 Result is liddis. It is actually very very super simple to do! I was inspired to get mine done after watching Violet Le Beaux’s nail tutorial! Except that i did it in pink. #2 Clean buffed nails, and […]

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Oh, i love Dior so much i wish it grows on my nails!

February 25, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™ 35 Cheesed

Wish granted. Go to Wardrobe. 🙂

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Nailed by Cheesie

February 20, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™ 33 Cheesed

Update Sold! But if you want to customize a set for yourself just drop me a mail ok! 🙂 /update Whatever! Might as well! 😀 This is my first mastercheese titled Princess Birthday. My obsession has gotten to such an uncontrollable extent that i think nail polish is now my new oxygen. Anyway, these are […]

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So disgusting!!!

February 17, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™ 88 Cheesed

I finally understand why nails are called nails. Because just like nails, they can get rusty. Rusty nails! My gouda. I don’t know why they could become like this! It’s the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. Maybe the nail paint covered the enamel for too long it couldn’t breathe? I know right, i freaked out […]

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February 5, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™ 30 Cheesed

More nail pictures for your reference. If you wanna buy your nails some new clothes for CNY too. 🙂 Since i already sound like someone whose brain’s size is smaller than all the rhinestones combined together on her nails, might as well lo hor. Like, “Hie Ringo, wanna go out for tea?” “Oh, sorry but […]

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