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35 months VS 12 months

May 11, 2017 in Baby / Pokemom 18 Cheesed

Junya turns 2 years 11 months today, and Sakura is… 1!! I still remember the days when I was so so so nervous to find out the gender of my second baby… If it turned out to be a boy again I will make myself a third one lol. And now my baby girl is 1 […]

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Imaginary Oompa Loompas

May 9, 2017 in Pokemom 4 Cheesed

Junya has his imaginary belongings. Now it’s my turn to have imaginary friends. Annoying ones. This is how it feels like to spend a usual day at home. A dozen of imaginary oompa loompas trying to interrupt, distract and stop you from achieving anything at all. A few parachuting zigzag across the room, some climb right next […]

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Breakfast for Junya (and Lunch for Sakura)

March 25, 2017 in Bon Cheesepetit / Pokemom 27 Cheesed

This is a cooking diary for myself. It is looooong cuz it’s a couple of months’ worth of meals haha. If you like you can browse through it and hope some of them give you some ideas on some simple cooking for kids and busy mama like yourself. (If you love the food but are […]

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One day as a Pokemom of two

March 7, 2017 in Baby / Pokemom 27 Cheesed

2014 July: One Day As a Mom 2016 April: One Day As a Mom of 1.5 2016 June: One Day As a Mom of Two Fast forward 9 months later, I have evolved lol. Here’s an updated post on how things have changed, after having the second child for 9 months now.   I am […]

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Casio Exilim EX FR-100 Review

December 24, 2016 in Commercial Break / Pokemom 5 Cheesed

With two kids constantly needing your attention during traveling, it is really quite a challenge to always be on camera-ready mode, more so if you are alone with the kids. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up capturing precious moments during travel. In fact, you should capture every single second of it. I […]

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Looping Squizz Travel Stroller Review

December 22, 2016 in Commercial Break / Pokemom 1 Person Cheesed

A stroller (or more than one, even) is part of a mother’s life, and finding a stroller that suits your lifestyle is a never ending quest. Imagine if you have three children, you are probably gonna spend 7 or more years of your life pushing strollers. @.@ Soooo, investing in a good one is super, […]

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