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NAPBAS: Useless Fashion is Not Useless

December 21, 2011 in Happenings / The Stinky Cheese 158 Cheesed

Ok so this is the NAPBAS post finally!! Maybe you’re sick of hearing me say thank you ad nauseam already (but i haven’t got sick of hearing you congratulate me so keep them coming wtf #megusta) so here are just shitloads of photos from the NAPBAS night. So. Where do i start. I guess all […]

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Finalist for Best Fashion Blog!

November 14, 2011 in Happenings / The Stinky Cheese 35 Cheesed

Seriously like, i should totally make myself a Gouda costume to celebrate this. I mean, who would have thought that cheese has anything to do with fashion, right? (Ok unless you kena Gotcha’ed.) BUT YES. I’m chosen as one of the finalists for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in the Best Fashion Blog category! It […]

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Tragic experience in a porn theatre

Osaka is a strange city. I’ve witnessed the most disturbing scene in my life when i went to Osaka one day. But i will come to that later. It was a sunny but very cold day. In the afternoon it snowed a little. Osaka is full of strange people. It is said to be the […]

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Photoshop xiaxue style

I was so amazed by her post on photoshop and wonder how turf did she do that. Seriously. She’s a freak 😛 When i showed Oli Xiaxue’s post he said all the end products end up looking like herself! Then i think, it is quite true lo! If she keeps on photoshopping all the girls […]

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The Truth—Episode 1

Week One 04/03/08 Tue 10:30pm This is the 2nd day and it feels like it’s been two months. I wasn’t told to bring a blanket, so i slept with a towel last night. Sleeping was better than what i had expected, nobody snores like a steam kettle fortunately. Bathroom arrangement is, well. You go imagine. […]

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iDoll Tutorial

August 17, 2007 in The Stinky Cheese 93 Cheesed

I’m sure a lot of you know how to Liquify and stuff so I’m gonna make this really really simple. First select a suitable picture of yourself you think has the potential to become an iDoll. Most important criteria is the expression. Blythe Dolls don’t smile wide, so select a nonchalant expression or with a […]

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