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How to wear/take off contact lens with long nails

April 26, 2012 in Useless Vlog 23 Cheesed

Too many people asked me this question so i decided to show you once and for all how i do it!!! Actually the only trick to wearing contact lens is not to use your nails. There. Problem solved. Using nails might accidentally scratch your contact lens or even tear it, so what i do is […]

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Lotsa videos!

Not a blog post. Since this blog post is written by Astro and Nuffnang. Sort of. Thanks guys.   This is for people who didn’t go to NAPBAS, here’s a video summary of it. NAPBAS i appear at 0:27, 1:41, 1:51. If you are interested.   Football Overload on Astro Sports Featuring Aud and me. […]

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TGC video

Not a blog post again. I’m in Fukuoka nao! Here’s another video of me and Shiori en route to Tokyo Girls Collection in Yokohama. Sorry i’m too lazy to sub the video, but basically we were talking about how crazy the queue was at Yokohama Arena on TGC day, and how VIP we felt lolol. […]

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This is a bribe!

(And it’s an extra special bribe because it is from Tokyo JAPAN! *shows flag*)   I just finished the first challenged for NHK Kawaii Of The World Contest and my team passed!!!!! The first mission was to decorate Domokun and i was paired with my roomie, Amandine from France.   Team C (ASIA+EUROPE).   So our […]

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February 19, 2012 in Useless Vlog 18 Cheesed

I’m on a roll of uploading videos. This one was made ages ago but was blocked by both Youtube and Facebook. Finally i uploaded it on Vimeo.   PONPONPON by Misogirlz wtf.   Misogirlz’s first video is here.   I might be doing video update during my 3 week’s stay in Japan. Subscribe to my […]

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Rude Siri is rude.

February 17, 2012 in Useless Vlog 21 Cheesed

Not a blog post. But since i haven’t made any video in a very long time, here’s one.   Cheat One™ nontheless HAHAHHA.       But Siri is rude, really. There was a time i asked her to cancel and appointment that i made wrongly. Here’s what she replied. #truestory.      

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