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March 7, 2011 in Hair Cheat One™ 38 Cheesed

Since a lot of people asked how i style my (already not so) mermaid hair, here are two pictures i just only took this morning to illustrate the process. #1 Towel dry hair #2 Scrunch your hair and then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair END. (i tried. T___T) #3 Haih i kind […]

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Mermaid hair

December 1, 2010 in Hair Cheat One™ 97 Cheesed

I dunno what’s gotten into me, but i just went and did the craziest thing to my hair at Chezz. It’s called the Mermaid Perm. Or the Impulse Perm. Because you didn’t think twice before doing it. Well actually i did. I just didn’t believe i would actually do it. I told a few friends […]

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November 2, 2010 in Hair Cheat One™ 24 Cheesed

OK LA YOU ALLÂ AREÂ RIGHT LA I DIDN’T CUT MY HAIR WTF. A lot of people guessed it is Cheat Oneâ„¢ because it is labeled under “Hair Cheat Oneâ„¢”. But dude, since when i have any “Hair Real Oneâ„¢”? YOU REALLY THINK I WILL CUT MY HAIR???? THINK AGAIN! I WILL NEVER HAVE SHORT […]

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Hair

You may be thinking omg i love Cheesie’s hair but to be completely honest right, i am quite angry with my hair. My hair is Cheat One™. It’s some kind of dull gold now i feel like i want to go color it the ashest tone possible but always it only lasts like 2 seconds […]

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Bandana Ribbon

Was obsessed with Deka Ribbon (Big Bow)hair piece for the longest time but couldn’t find much in Japan, let alone KL. But recently i found out that you can actually DIY your own Deka Ribbon wtf!!!!!!!! Why didn’t i know earlier!!!!!!!!! #1 Anyway here’s a little tutorial on How to make a bandana ribbon. There […]

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