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CandyDoll Make Up Tutorial

CandyDoll: Zutto Onnanoko It means “Always a girl“. It’s another make-up brand produced by the always girly Tsubasa chan. No matter how many styles i changed, when it comes to Japanese fashion/make up, the ultimate keyword is still “kawaii”. That’s probably also the most widely used Japanese word in the world. So this post is […]

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How to draw gyaru eyebrows

Since you guys asked for it! Anyway, also many ask where i get my hair done. My fav salon is of course Chezz (in Jalan Gasing). Did my mermaid perm there! And if you’re thinking about a new hair style, here’s your great opportunity to try out Chezz with a whooping 77% discount! (The person in white […]

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Aki’s face

Ok this is a half-ass make up post. Man what’s with me and my half-ass and not-even-quarter-ass blog posts. If it gets any lesser than that i will have to spell ass as s instead. (HAHAHAH GEDDIT?) Looks like a lot of you love the make up in my previous W♥C post! Most of the comments […]

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How to use double eyelid fiber!

August 5, 2010 in Make up Cheat One™ 29 Cheesed

Since so many people asked me lo! Don’t need to go cut la whatever plasty. Effect is as good! ^^ Nah! (My DonutCam does the auto focus thing so some part, especially some of the most crucial part of the video is out of focus FYL. Don’t blame me! It’s like getting lost on the […]

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Lateral Canthoplasty, blepharoplasty Cheat One™

(whatever plasty la. I can’t spell. I copy and pasted from Xiaxue’s blog.) . I oso can has bigass eyes!!!! . Here you are, before and after photo. Note that i already have natural (natural!!! ya hear that?) double eyelids, erm, on one and a half sides.  But nowadays everybody wants Japanese gyaru one million […]

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Liz Lisa Real One™

No Cheat One™ this time. #1 #2 #3 #4 Laced Hat: Liz Lisa Brown Camisole: Liz Lisa Floral skirt: Liz Lisa Fluffy vest: Liz Lisa. Wig (Katou Miliyah style): Kimono Cottage (love it very much! Like real hair wtf!!!) . . Thanks. May sell the Liz Lisa items soon! . . . By the way […]

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