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Preggo coordinate

March 5, 2014 in Useless fashion 49 Cheesed

Here are some of the coordinate pictures for the past 2 months! It gets increasingly challenging as i can barely fit in any of my usual bottoms now, and i’m not so much a bump-showing person (hide it ALLLLL while you still can!!!) so expectedly most of my outfits are getting baggier and looser as […]

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EMODA Coordinate Feb 2014

Haven’t updated on EMODA coordinates in awhile! When i knew that i got pregnant and was getting bigger everyday, i thought i was gonna give up my favorite clothes forever and start shopping at maternity shops and wear typical empire waist line big floral dresses T___T. Every few other days there would be a few […]

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PENTAX X Cheesie Collaboration ♡

January 19, 2014 in Commercial Break / Photoshoot 27 Cheesed

So if you read my blog post earlier you know that i’m using PENTAX Q7 now and it comes in hundreds of customizable cute colors! Really 眼花缭乱. Anyway about the photoshoot i talked about earlier! I was so happy that PENTAX loves my fashion and wanted to do a concept shoot for the new PENTAX […]

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Coordinate Dec 2013

Last year’s coordinate collections! Sounds really last year but is last month only actually XD   ISETAN X FORUCHIZU It is still going on until CNY, so if you like some of the items i wear below, you can still get them from ISETAN KLCC, although some might have sold out by now!   Coordinate […]

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JRunway X Cheesie collaboration

January 3, 2014 in Useless fashion 39 Cheesed

Hello! Happy 2014 to everyone! Sorry for the absence but here’s the exciting news especially for Singaporeans who love Tokyo fashion! I am sure you all know about JRunway, a multi-label Japanese apparel concept store in Plaza Singapura. I was there with Qiu Qiu and Misako during the grand opening in 2012. You can read […]

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Coordinate Nov’13

November 23, 2013 in Useless fashion 20 Cheesed

Here’s Nov’s coordinate collection! I posted all these pictures on Instagram and obviously a lot of “fashion expert” (who very casually claim that they are “trend-setters” on the first line of their Insta profile. I didn’t know looking like a rusty leopard-print truck is the new trend. Bravo, trend setters.) gave me a lot of […]

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