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New camera!!

I got a new camera!! 😀 And this is not an ad, because i really really love this new camera! I haven’t been holding a real camera for so long, ever since iPhone changed my entire life. 99% of the photos you see on my blog/Instagram for the past two years or so are all […]

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The best photoshop in the world

November 17, 2012 in Really useless vain pix 19 Cheesed

is called Purikura. ( Read my post on how to Purikura properly if you are a beginner.) I am quite amazed at how popular Purikura machines still are in Japan (although mostly for high school girls), given so many new photo technology like deco apps, phone filters, awesome front camera, etc. But Purikura still tops […]

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Blueberry Waffle (Number 76)

Was what i called my new hair color anyhow. And then you guys came and ruin it by asking me to google “Blue Waffle”. FML. Now it is just called “Cheesie’s new hair color in October”.     Really look like blueberry waffle wor, you don’t think meh?   Also was the first person to […]

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December 14, 2011 in Really useless vain pix 90 Cheesed

Sigh actually i wrote a super long ass post about… basically just me whining. It was too disgustingly emo that i didn’t end up publishing it. And it’s maybe not a good time because so much good stuff is happening to me now i can’t even believe my luck. First of all i’m nominated in […]

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(Banana no namida–means Banana’s tears wtf) (Dunno what title to put so this is a song i’m listening, by MEG.) Time to get back to fashion nonsense so here are some really old pictures i never posted, photography by Johnny McGeorge, but anyhowly edited by me wtf. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 . . […]

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Changing the history of photography forever

Is this whole instagram shit. No matter how shitty your camera or your skill is your pictures will come out like some artsy photography shot with atas canggih camera but intentionally edited with tasteful sense of style for that artistic effect. Fuck this hipster shit. (iosowan. T_T) I NO CAN USE BECAUSE I NO HAVE […]

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