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Miso Girlz Danz

Aud and i did the most wtf retarded video together because someone suggested her to do robot dance in Yukata. After editing and the video i asked her to think of a title for the retarded video. At first i just labeled it Yukata Girls then i said we should have a cool names so […]

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So maybe there’s a fine line between busy and lazy. If the imaginary measuring tape isn’t so far away i might actually bother to evaluate how fine the line is. This is a sort of, kind of, not really blog post due to the fact that i’m preoccupied with stretching my mental arm to reach […]

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Blogger Debt

Ahem and i’m clearing it. Although i must admit that i have been quite the hardworking lately, cuz ads started coming back a bit, then i also feel more motivated to update more often. 😀 No ad = Sad blogger = Shit blog. Pls support full time blogger thanks. Ok this is what happened in […]

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This is a photo album

I can’t even come up with a decent title i wonder how other bimbotic bloggers who post a lot of pictures do it. Anyway i have shitload of camwhore photos and this post is (part of) it wtf. #1 #2 #3 #4 Wedges from minimaos. #5 #6 Esquire event. #7 With Hannah. #8 #9 With […]

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Ageha Style x Spring 2011

Still cannot get over how hot Maiko and Lie are. Tried experimenting a lot of Kara Style (bronze make up, multiple layers of false lashes, red lips). Then made myself a Koakuma Ageha cover page wtf. *delusional It’s actually super simple to make. Key is to make your skin super smooth and white until cannot […]

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Tsubasa Style–Mermaided

December 24, 2010 in Really useless vain pix 26 Cheesed

For her new Dolly Wink mascara. But i know all her hair Cheat One™ la. #1 So OHAI guess who cut bangs ditched otona style and back to acting cute wtf. #2 Liz Lisa Dolman Knit from minimaos. #3 Shelliemay pouch from minimaos. #4 #5 #6 Hair sponsored by Chezz Technique. Thanks to Blivene Talent […]

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