Warning:The Ultimate Spoilers

Please DO NOT read this if you have not already done my quizzes. Click HERE to proceed to the quiz.

I repeat. If you haven’t already done my quizzes, don’t read this entry. Go challenge yourself and see how low you can go. And I’m really proud of you Nur Gingerfish. Congratulations, you just broke the record with your 11 outta 100 achievement.

Here i would only justify my answers for “Cheesing Tough” Quiz. I know everyone who took the quiz was complaining it is real cheeky. What? Did you not read the title before jumping to the first question?

Anywee, in case you are still feeling fooled, let me debunk some of the cheesy myths, and you’ll know I don’t purposely create the quiz to make you feel moronic. Well some say the opposite. As in to make myself moronic. LOL. Either way, these are serious questions with serious answers.

1. I would want a
B)ipod nano
C)mountain full of chocolate
D)Persian cat

Answer A.

Most of you answered B.
Well of course I would love an ipod nano too. I mean who doesn’t. But I’ve been fantasizing to have a pony since I was very very young. I know horses are smelly. Men know women nag too. But why do they still marry one?
Mom at one point even wanted to name me “Filly” (means little female horse) cuz that also sounds (remotely) similar to my Chinese name.
I typed “pony” because I know a “unicorn” doesn’t exist. Everyone long for things that are particularly difficult to achieve/gain. But craving for the impossible is silly.
After watching “My Summer of love”, I decided I would love a pony more than a pink ipod nano. =)
Another major reason for this fetish is propably because of my childhood crush–My Little Pony!

Aren’t they just adorable.

2.I’d prefer_______ to ______.
A)Mozzarella, Cheddar
B)Aragon, Legolas
C)Nightmare, Sweet dream
D)happening, solitude

Answer C

Most of you answered B.
No I actually prefer Legolas. =)
I know you are very shocked to find out you were all along talking to a psycho after the answer the revealing of the answer. Yes I PREFER NIGHTMARES.

You see, the reason is very very simple. Imagine Rodrigo Santoro (for guys, please insert you nick for Jessica Alba here) is confessing his (her) love for you, yada yada, and when everything gets steamy, *pop* and your bloody alarm clock is screaming its battery off. Your mind just goes blank. You are disillusioned. And disillusion is one thing i hate most (after Kirsten Dunst of course).

Well you can always argue that a sweet dream puts a silly smile on your face all day long. But this is my own Nightmare Theory. And maybe only works for me. There’s no rules in the Ringoism bible that says it shall apply to you too.

On another cheese, imagine you are chased by Kirsten Dunst because you just ran away with her fiance. She takes out her gun and voila you are being shot in the head. You are yelling in pain and start to wonder if the angels play harp in heaven. You feel regretful because there are millions of things you have not done and you are dying. Then *pop* it’s your bloody alarm again. You wake up panting and sweating. But you smile (for me it is hyterical laughter). Life has never been peachier when you find out you are alive again, after the death. If you lost an arm, you have it back. If you died, you revive. If your best friend dumped you, treat her Ruffles today! Seriously. Isn’t it great?

My favorite nightmare is to dream of my dear ones being killed. Say i’m insane. But the first thing i wanna do after waking up is to give them a big hug and tell them how much i love them. How many times can you lose someone and have someone back? How suprising a nightmare can make me realize how unappreciative i am being. But life is always too busy for you to notice these little things. Therefore, allow me to have nightmares every night to remind myself life is indeed, wonderful.

3.I used to play

Answer B

Most of you answered A.
I’m surprised no one answered D, because whenever I’m asked about my name, the first thing I would say is, of course, “without the Starr”, followed by “Oh, because my mom wanted a drummer”. Well of course I didn’t live up to her expectation.
Too bad I had to quit my violin lessons halfway. If not, instead of suggesting me look like Vanessa Mae, you would probably think she looks like someone you know.

4.Who do I dislike most?
A)Tan Sri Limkokwing
B)Kirsten Dunst
D)Cheesiples who are not loyal to me

Answer B

Most of you answered A or C.
Duh. I just revealed the answer.
Who said I didn’t hate the black man who created the black uni which operates in black. Of course I do. Everyone does. And I hate myself too sometimes. Especially when i can’t think of any other answer why i am obsessed with cheese besides “i was born in the rat year”. Well, for Cheesiples who are not loyal, i don’t hate them. I cheese them.

5.I like

Answer C

Most of you answered everything but the correct answer.
I’m definitely not a sea person. First of all I admit I’m not beachy enough.
I become sure that im a cottage person also after watching “My Summer of Love”.
Look at the pix. How can you not love cottages. I’m already fantasizing me lying on that soft green lawn besides the river with Hayley Westenra singing to me.

6.I will only take cocktails when
A)They ran outta Frangelico
B)It doesn’t taste like cough syrup
C)I become 38kg
D)i want to be high

Answer C

Most of you answered B.
Okay this is a bit of a tricky question. I actually just don’t take cocktails. And it is very unlikely I will become 38kg. =)

7.The shower gel I use is _____ flavored.
A)Aloe Vera
C)Orange Peel
D)Fragrance Free

Answer C

Most of you answered A or D.
I just happen to use it and it smells good. =)

8.The thing I’m most proud of
A)my result during Semester 4
B)my new found ability to keep my room clean…. for two minutes
C)my Spirited Away Interactive CD masterpiece
D)my altercheesego

Answer C

My result sucked every semester. And im yet to discover that magical ability of mine to prevent my room from looking like an aftermath of tsunami. My altercheesego makes me stink sometimes. Nothing to boast about either. Mozzie just told me today my Spirited Away Interactie was showed to the junior students as a sample, as a good one i supposed. And im so proud of it! =D

9.The thing I’m longing most now
C)someone who understands me

Answer D
Most of you got it correct.
And guess what? You are correct. Need no further explanation.

I rest my cheese. Thank you for cheesing my quiz. Have a cheesy day.