Got in touch with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in years over yahoo messenger recently.

Wait, old friend makes him sound old and he might not like it, because he always says I make him feel old.

He is not old actually. He just thinks I was/am too young. But that was years ago. maybe he’ll change his mind now?

Then he sent me this appalling picture.

I’ve completely forgotten about it if he hadn’t mischievously asked “you wanna see how you looked 5 years ago?”

My cheese! Can’t believe he’s been keeping it for five bloody years.

Image hosted by

Cheesus Crust now I am very convinced I always look like Godiva 82% on print. Cheese you very much.

That was prolly one of the first digital photos I took. We walked around in KLCC, and then hotlink spotted this extra kao cheese, took a picture of her and made her the HOT cover girl.

Like sizzling hot. LOL.

Little did I know that this Godiva Extra Dark print won me my first ever nokia handphone, my first ever Levi’s jeans and jacket and wallet, and lotsa Hotlink goodies.


Come to think of it I actually kinda have some fate with Hotlink. Ok la, I will stop screwing Maxis in my entries from now on. =D