Got these snacks from Taipei. Some are supposedly Xmas tidbits but somehow they became my CNY snacks.

Doritos Spicy Cheese Nachos

It is a Xmas special. The Nachos are in Xmas tree shapes. How cute! There’s another Guacamole version and I personally prefer that, because this is way, too, spicy.

What to do. I’m a lemon herb person when it comes to Nando’s.

Doritos Golden Cheese Nachos

Another fancy packaging which is pointless. It doesn’t taste any different from the normal Doritos except it is a tad sweeter, I guess. Cheesh, more like tomatoish.

Cheetos Crunchy
(Super hot god, oh, typo, dog I mean).

And limited time only.

Mom lagi chun. She didn’t want to eat it because she thought it was spicy, because she read “Super Hot”. But how could she not see the dog. It is printed so big.

These are like twisties, nothing too hotgoddy. Cheesh whats wrong with me. Hotdoggy. Alright.

Oh and here comes the classic.

可乐果 试嚼系

Cheesh. Read that. That. Is the most creative pun I’ve ever seen on a cheese snack packaging. Ever.

It’s garlic&cheese snack, there’s no exact translation to it. The nearest I could get is prolly “Don’t pretend. I’m cheesed!” But that’s too far from its original meaning.

Are Taiwanese cheesnius or what?

Too bad la if you don’t read Chinese. You just missed the joke made of Garlic and Cheese. Go ask your non-banana friend.

Alternatively, consult me. I charge by minute this time.