Pun of the day:
Welcome black to Limcockwing.

Gah. Not like it can be any other color.

Anycheese. Not in the best of moods today cuz i mistook some pills as my IBS medicine, ate three and slept like a log as if there’s no tomorrow.

I’m still feeling dizzy.

Just tons of photos today, of yesterday’s “Graduation Party” for all final semester students in LUCT.

The best thing here is that we always have surprise parties. PM visits la, DPM visits la, Apeman visit la or some Dr PermanentHeadDamage comes and gives lecture…

BLACK party by people in BLACK in a BLACK building.

Then all classed will be cancelled *last minute* for some shoe-polishing and ass-kissng session.

And for the first time since the existence of the CyberJaya black box, there’s actually a party for the student! Which is *FREE*!

And for the fist time in history you get something free in LUCT!

Man those meehoon tasted like rubber band, but what the heck it’s free

Cheez their generosity deserves an entry in Guinness.

But since this party is about *us* graduating students and not some faces you see in the newspaper until sien, i reckon we should really have a bit of fun, which is something that hardly exists in and within a 20km radius of the black box.

put on ICI to increase the chance of photogenicness

Pic courtesy of Mozzie
Sorry for the sudden change of focus but i was really hypnotized by his blue eyes…erm.. contacts.

Tan Sri’s fav blonde. She’s really got curves i tell you.

She’s prolly one of the hottest chicks in LUCT. Is it just me or does she look so much like a Nicole Richie and Aishwarya rai combo??

Some events:

Shake some booty

Some fashion show

Designers and their models

Finally, the group photo!

Design School

Comm School

So… erm, tame. LOL.

Happy escaping from the black box!